10 Reasons Why You Should Worry About A Competitor Outsourcing Their Marketing Department

by | Feb 27, 2019

An Outsourced Marketing Department gives a company all the marketing services they need, along with a time-shared marketing director, for a flat monthly cost. As the originator of the Outsourced Marketing Department, a.k.a. OMD, RSM knows how it helps many companies achieve rapid, real and sustainable growth.

So if you notice a sudden leap forward in the total marketing effort and impact of a competitor, they could be using an OMD…and you should be worried.

Here’s why!

#1 Things are simpler for them.

Often, company leaders are focused on the non-marketing parts of their business, so marketing can become more like an afterthought. When these clients are juggling competing priorities, or using multiple service providers to piecemeal their marketing efforts together, things get messy and overwhelming—fast.

When we onboard a new client, they can hand over as much, or as little work to us as they’d like. Though more often than not, we hear “No, please, just take it ALL!” These types of clients find a huge sense of relief in knowing that we have all the right experts under one roof and can run with whatever they throw our way.

#2 They aren’t burning out their team.

The beauty of an OMD is that it works like a spigot. Subscribers can dial it up during peak, labor-intensive months, and dial it back down during steadier months—all with a predictable, flat monthly fee.

Our specialized teams at RSM Marketing are designed to handle peak workloads because they know the work like the back of their hand, so their comparative advantage is moving through it faster and better than our clients can. Rather than making their team work harder, our clients are choosing to work smarter by outsourcing their marketing!

#3 They’re achieving breakthrough.

While there are other agencies out there who are trying to recreate our OMD model, no one can copy our secret sauce—breakthrough.

If your competitor is working with us, this should scare you the most!

We’re not a production house, we’re not a design shop, we’re not a website company. We’re a total marketing solution whose sole purpose is to deliver business breakthrough for our clients.

#4 They have an entrepreneurial partner.

Companies can end up working inside imaginary bubbles of what’s expected or what has “always been done.”

We’re an entrepreneurial firm serving entrepreneurial-minded clients. We work with clients who like to challenge the status-quo and flip everything on its head.

Companies with an OMD have a powerful partner. It’s the kind of partnership that allows us to arrive somewhere remarkable!

#5 They’re up-to-date on the latest tactics and trends.  

New marketing tactics are emerging every day, so it’s difficult for the average marketer to keep up. With an OMD, a company doesn’t need to stay up-to-date on new tactics and marketing trends, because they’ve got a team doing that for them!

Our teams work together to determine the right marketing mix for each client. Just because a tactic is new and shiny, that doesn’t automatically make it a shoo-in. We use the tactics that we believe will work best within each client’s marketing strategy.

#6 They are moving the ball forward.

At RSM Marketing, we have three governing values: curiosity, candor and action. Each value has significant importance, but the most tangible, and distinguishable, is action. Some firms talk-the-talk, but they never walk-the-walk.

Companies with an OMD from RSM are feeling the momentum and so are their competitors!

We’re strategic, but we also know how to grab “quick wins” right out-of-the-gate. Quick wins usually stem from capitalizing on low-hanging fruit that has an immediate upside but requires a team on hand to take advantage in the moment.

To hold ourselves, and our clients, accountable, we have regular status meetings on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. These meetings are an excellent time to look ahead to what’s next. Our team always leaves these meetings with new tasks!

#7 They aren’t banging their head against the wall.

RSM Marketing is often the go-to for “orphaned” projects and ideas. We simply figure it out! Because we’re technology agnostic, we’re willing to learn quickly and help clients with whatever situations that are stumping them.

So while you might be going round-and-round on the same old issues, we can help them reach completion.

#8 They’re tight with Google.

We’ve been a Google Partner since 2013, which means that we have special access to Google. We get sneak previews of new products, enjoy key insights and have an ear to bend if we’re troubleshooting issues or need direction on behalf of a client.

To maintain our Google Partner status, we must pass annual exams across a wide range of online marketing specializations including search advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, shopping advertising and Google Analytics reporting. We also must consistently run campaigns that perform above industry averages for click-through, conversion and cost efficiency.

So when it comes to Google, it pays to have an inside track..

#9 They’re saving money.

Our OMD model allows us to provide services to our clients at a cost that is 40% below standard rates of hiring freelancers or in-house employees. Using an OMD is like the equivalent of getting 11+ FTEs (full-time equivalents). Would you want to hire and manage more than 11 people or when you could work with one service provider? Not only does an OMD subscription deliver more experience than you could hire yourself, but you are also saving money!  Money you can put into expanding the marketing budget!

#10 They’re probably having more fun.

Companies using an OMD have great marketing campaigns and results that’ll make you drool—but even worse, they’re probably having fun while doing it! We love what we do and it shows! That natural joy spills over into the interactions we have with our clients, too. We’ve learned that when the relationship is good, the results always follow.

Make your competitors wonder what your team is suddenly having for breakfast to create such an instant turbocharge in your marketing.

Let’s talk about what an Outsourced Marketing Department subscription might look like for you.

It’s easy to get started. Simply email our Managing Partner, Mike Snyder at [email protected] or call him directly at 316.619.3962.  We often get a subscription scope and rate worked out in a day and have started work within a week.

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