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There are probably eleventy-gazillion new ideas bouncing around in your head right now. Where to even start?

Here’s one thing to do right now.

Call RSM Marketing and get started as early as next week on results-driven tactics to build your business this year. Construction industry companies use RSM to scale and get more wins without hiring a bunch of in-house marketing specialists or investing in a bunch of expensive tech platforms.

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What do you need?

  • More leads?
  • More eyes on your business?
  • More market share?

Can do. Let’s go.

Conference Attendee Exclusive! Business Builder Packs

All bundled up and ready to go.

You won’t find these packages on our main website. They’re assembled with construction industry businesses in mind. Plus, we threw in a deal just for conference attendees.

Local SEO is all about ensuring that when someone searches for your service and a city name (or “near me”) on Google, you come up in the business listings and map. If you don’t, your competitors will—and chances are they’ll get the first click or call.

To get onto the first page of the Google search results, you need plenty of helpful, high-quality information on your site. Not only that—you gotta keep it coming. (Makes sense, right? You wouldn’t keep using Google if it sent you to sites that didn’t deliver the goods.) Your blog is where you house that information.

Before you say it—yeah, we know you’d rather smash your thumb with a hammer than write all those blogs yourself. Don’t worry; we’ll do it for you.

People want to do business with people they like. Social media is a way to help prospects get to know you and keep the conversation going with existing customers. You can showcase projects and give a window into your company culture and values.

Even if you’re not interested in building a huge following, social media is a credibility thing. If a prospect looks you up on Facebook and your last post is from Pat’s retirement party in 2013, that’s going to leave them wondering if you’re even still in business.

Less marketing speak. More action.

If you’ve talked with an agency before and got inundated with a bunch of market-y phrases— and you’re over there screaming, “I just want the phone to ring!”—we get it. We also believe that’s not too much to ask.

Josiah and his RSM Marketing Services team dove into our new web chat system to help build out our service support AI, a system they were relatively new to. Immediately delivered results as if they had been working in this system for years! Tremendous content flow awareness driven by their extensive experience with consumer digital interaction.

Galen C., PoolFax

RSM Values


No hype, no hand-waving, no hocus-pocus. We won’t waste your time or money on tactics that aren’t a good fit for your business.


Forget waxing poetic on marketing theory or spending months talking instead of doing. RSM is about getting you results and ROI.


Results-driven marketing requires constant learning and improvement. We apply what we learn to your projects.

Tell us what you need to build your business this year, and we’ll work from there. More leads? Better leads? More visibility? An edge on the competitor who just upped their game online?

Digital Marketing Services

Subscriptions may include any of the marketing services we offer.

Your marketing is safe with us.

I have worked with RSM for almost 10 years. There have been several changes for their company as well as PrairieStar’s. We have had a good working relationship… especially over the last few years. They have made some important suggestions that I feel will work well for our website and design going forward. I have personally worked with several of the staff and had communications with one of the partners. Conversations have been very responsive and well worth the time. Looking forward to continuing the partnership.

Jackie J., Prairie Star Health Center

Heather Snyder

Kansas City
316.444.4377 ext. 131
[email protected]

Let’s build something great.

Call today, meet tomorrow, start next week. What are you waiting for?

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