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Quick & Dirty Blog Post Idea #2: Customer Questions


Take a look at your “sent” box in your email. Chances are you’ve answered more than one customer question lately. While this may be a source of frustration (especially if you keep answering the same questions over and over again), these questions could contain a hidden gem: the topic of your next blog post. Answering customer questions via blog posts is an excellent way to address the topics your audience is literally already asking you for.

Customer Questions to Look for

So what questions will spark topic ideas, you ask? The ones that require lengthy explanations. Yes, someone may ask for your hours or location more often than you would like (it’s on the website, people!). But the true blog topics lie in the questions that may require you to go into more detail for your customers. Here are a few examples:

Question: “Will you ever make “this kind” of product?”
The Hidden Gem: You have a set production process or schedule. This is the perfect opportunity to show your clients how you come up with your products or why you choose to make and/or offer certain products. Show them your development process and a peek into what goes on behind the scenes of your operation and your industry itself.

Question: “What are the benefits of X?” OR “What are the differences between X and Y?”
Hidden Gem: This is perhaps the easiest way to help customers determine between different products/services you offer. Or maybe someone is on the fence about buying a type of product because they’re unsure if it will truly benefit them or they’ve found a competing product. Lay out the comparisons or benefits in a blog post to provide authoritative clarification.

Think back: what questions do you keep getting from clients? These don’t have to solely be questions, either. They could be issues or problems that your customers bring up more than once, requiring you to explain them in greater detail than you would like. If different people continue to ask the same questions or bring up the same problem, see this as an opportunity to turn a common theme into original content on your blog.

Start Listening!

This is yet another valuable opportunity to truly listen to what your customers are saying and to give them the answers they need. If you’re struggling to come up with blog content, what better chance is there to improve your content and user experiences than by turning customer questions into content? So start listening and taking note—you might just have your next great blog article on your hands.

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Joshua Schaper is a Content Specialist at RSM Marketing who focuses on blog strategy and production. He has worked at RSM since 2020 and is passionate about delivering high-quality, relevant search traffic to our clients. When he's not writing, Josh loves to play basketball, listen to hip-hop music, and play video games.

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