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Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing: A Modern Romance


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a type of computer science that deals with building intelligent machines that can think and respond like humans. Machine learning is huge when it comes to conversations surrounding AI. This allows machines to learn and adapt  very little—if any—manual programming tweaks.

How does this work exactly? This is accomplished through something called deep learning which is a huge system of algorithms created to mirror the human mind. We won’t explain the intricacies of deep learning here because well, we don’t want to bore you to death. What we really want to talk about is how artificial intelligence and digital marketing will go hand in hand this year, and what that means for marketers.

How do I Optimize My Site for Voice Searches?

20 percent of Google searches were voice driven last year. This means that content writers and SEO specialists will have to modify their strategies to keep up with this growing trend if they want to keep/improve their Google ranking. Traditional typed searches on Google tend to be a bit robotic and not very human while voice searches are much more conversational, because of this content must be tweaked to sound more like a human to human conversation.

We know that writing like a human being will help your Google ranking and conversion rates, but it could also help you show up in those voice searches.

What are more things you can do to optimize your site for voice searches?

  • Provide concise answers to questions users will be asking
  • Think about your user’s intent
  • Optimize your site for mobile
  • Consider using more specific long-tail keywords
  • Make sure business profiles on your Google business and social media profiles are filled out in full and up to date

How will Artificial Intelligence Benefit Digital Marketing?

1. Targeted marketing will be easier than ever before

We predict that you will soon be able to create custom content campaigns for customers. AI is much more efficient when it comes to data analytics and can grab tons of useful information for marketers.

2. Chatbots will enhance the user experience

Right now we are used to text only chat bots, those little boxes that pop up in the corner of certain sites that ask “How can we help you today?” and respond to certain key terms within the questions you ask. But it is predicted that this will evolve into a more comprehensive multi-dimensional experience with sensory abilities like voice and touch creating a more human-like interaction improving the customer experience. Chatbots are one of the huge trends for 2018, take advantage of this.

3. AI could choose what content is best for specific customers

This means that instead of a customer being lead to your site and digging through blog post after blog post, AI could determine what is relevant to that unique customer and edit what they see on your page accordingly. This means that content you post must be connected and intentional with specific customer needs in mind.

4. Augmented reality is changing the way people shop

Augmented reality gives your customers the ability to “try out” your product digitally before buying. Let’s say that you want a new lamp for your living room, instead of going online, browsing and trying to imagine what the lamp would look like in your home, or going to a store… do people still go to stores? Augmented reality allows you to actually place the digital three dimensional version of a lamp in your home and see what it would look like before you buy. Utilizing augmented reality changes the whole buying experience for customers.

Does This Mean Digital Marketing and SEO are Breaking Up?

No, not necessarily. Digital Marketing and SEO’s relationship is just changing. Artificial intelligence could actually improve SEO by giving more detailed, straightforward reports in the near future. Google is efficiently able to compare your website to the best and the worst in your niche, this means that your SEO and internal linking strategy must be not only flawless, but also transparent.

Trying to work around the new Google crawlers with quick tricks and fixes will only hurt your site in the long run. Make sure you create a quality site with informative focused content in order to keep up with AI in relation to digital marketing.

If you haven’t started thinking about where you can make adjustments in your digital marketing strategy to accommodate AI, now is the time to start. With a little research and a few meetings with your team you can prepare yourself for this huge change in the digital landscape.

How could your company benefit from artificial intelligence? Let us know in the comments below!

Joshua Schaper is a Content Specialist at RSM Marketing who focuses on blog strategy and production. He has worked at RSM since 2020 and is passionate about delivering high-quality, relevant search traffic to our clients. When he's not writing, Josh loves to play basketball, listen to hip-hop music, and play video games.

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