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Dental Practice Marketing

Whether you’re part of a dental office or a sole practitioner, specialized dental practice marketing can help reinforce your brand and save precious time.

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Grow your brand with digital marketing services for the dental industry.

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to help your brand grow. Online advertising is a fantastic way to help improve your local search results and attract a larger pool of potential patients.

A digital presence is expected these days, so why not start optimizing your marketing to get new patients and grow your brand?

Put a crown on your digital marketing with RSM

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO refers to the process of getting a high rank on search engine results. When someone looks for a dental office near them, they’ll typically search in Google and type something like “dental practice near me” or “dentist near me.” Obviously, you want to come up in that search!

So how does Google decide which dental offices to display for that search? First off, it considers the searcher’s location, so it can help them find a local dental office that is close by. It also takes into consideration how relevant a dental practice’s website is for the search term, and how many people using Google visit that site. The exact calculation is a secret by Google, but digital marketing experts have a rough idea of how it works.

This means that we can make use of great content, meaningful keywords, and link structuring to help Google find and analyze your website. Our dental SEO services will help Google rate your website highly and push it up on a search page, meaning patients are more likely to find your business at the top of their results page.

Website Development

A great website is essential for any modern business. For a dental practice or a sole practitioner, it helps you list all of your services, credentials, and other information to convince your patients to choose you over a local competitor. However, there are also many technical aspects of a website that can help you build a more successful brand.

For example, dental website marketing is perfect for building up your SEO. You can place helpful content on it as well as specific keywords to help rank your website higher. Websites are also the main place you link to when you advertise on other platforms. Whether it’s a banner advertisement or a social media post, you’re generally pointing people to your website.

Put a crown on your digital marketing with RSM

Dentist working on a patient

Social Media Marketing

Using social media marketing for dentists can establish a presence in the online spaces your patients love, like Facebook and Instagram. You can achieve many different goals to both help your business stand out and also make your dental practice more reputable:

  • Show the results of your dental expertise with photographs or before and after shots
  • Connect with your audience to create an online community
  • Create brand recognition so your dental practice draws more attention
  • Improve conversion rates with targeted marketing

There are many more benefits to social media marketing as a dental practice or sole practitioner, but it can depend on your marketing goals. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn a bit more about how you can use social media to your advantage in the dental industry.

Paid Advertising / PPC

The most common method of paid advertising is pay-per-click (PPC). This typically refers to paid advertisements on various websites, or it could mean promoted search results and messages on social media. This is often seen as a short-term method of digital marketing because you can advertise your brand for as long as you need with customizable options.

This is often one of the best ways to get started with a digital presence because you don’t need much content on your website to start. You can always add more dental ads in the future and you’ll start building up attention early on. However, it’s typically best used in conjunction with other methods of advertising to get the best results.

Put a crown on your digital marketing with RSM

Content Marketing

Content marketing can mean anything from a blog about brushing your teeth to a digital flier that you send to people’s email inboxes. Content usually relies on a mixture of text and imagery, but it can also be in the form of a podcast or even educational videos. There are plenty of great ways to use content marketing for dentists, and we can help you devise a strategy that fits your business’s needs.

If you’d like to learn more about dental practice marketing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information.

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