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If your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign isn’t performing like you think it should—or if you’re just curious if it can do better—a PPC audit with RSM will help uncover what’s what.

Best of all, it’s free and takes only a few minutes.

Audit My PPC Now

Why should I get a PPC audit?

A PPC audit makes sure your Google Ads campaign is set up correctly and reveals opportunities for optimization. Optimization is just a fancy way of saying “getting more leads for the least amount of spend.”

Our PPC campaign audit process reviews everything about your current PPC campaign that can potentially be optimized. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Budget management
  • Account performance
  • Network usage
  • Wasted spend
  • Conversion peaks & troughs
  • Bid optimization

If you’re not sure what some of these terms mean, don’t worry. Our PPC audit tool creates graphical representations of your PPC campaign performance to help you get a visual understanding of your campaign status.

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Get a free ppc audit - free ppc audit - no image
Get a free ppc audit - free ppc audit - no image

Your free PPC audit will deliver actionable ways to:

  • Dramatically improve your PPC campaign performance without spending more
  • Optimize your Google Ads campaign
  • Draw in a wider or more targeted audience

Our PPC auditing tool also uncovers areas of potential growth:

  • New keywords to take advantage of
  • New demographics to optimize for
  • Better ways to allocate budget dollars

There’s a ton of untapped potential to help you optimize your campaign with our Google Ads audit!

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What’s included with my PPC campaign audit?

This is it—the big number most businesses care most about when auditing their PPC campaign. Expressed as a percentage, it shows the potential performance increase you can achieve with your current ads budget, simply by optimizing your current Google Ads campaign.

That’s right…there are ways to improve performance without spending more.

Our PPC audit will reveal how much hidden potential you’re missing out on with your current campaign. But the good news is, the PPC audit also gives you steps to fix it.

Our PPC auditing process reveals all of the numbers and calculations to help you make more informed decisions on where to take your Google Ads campaign.

Whether it’s how to optimize your keyword bidding, how much money you’re wasting on specific keywords, or the demographics that you’re missing out on, we’ll create a detailed breakdown of how you can drastically improve your PPC campaigns.

Google Ads is at the core of any strong PPC campaign. Our PPC audit will help you uncover new opportunities to boost the performance of your Google Ads campaign while simultaneously helping you discover new keywords and opportunities.

Our Google Ads analysis only takes a few minutes thanks to our optimized auditing tools. You’ll get actionable insights in an instant to help take your business to the next level!

The benefits of a free PPC audit

According to the American Marketing Association’s 2019 CMO Survey, marketing budgets make up 12% of overall firm budgets. And these days, a big chunk of that can go towards digital marketing strategies like PPC.

Without optimization and good management, PPC campaigns can turn into a money pit. Done right, they can be a gold mine of valuable leads and conversions.

With our free PPC audit, you’ll get actionable reports and data that will help you boost your PPC strategy’s ROI. Statistics show that a good PPC campaign can return $2 for every $1 spent–that’s effectively an ROI of 200%. If you’re not hitting these numbers, then a free PPC audit can help you make the most of your marketing spend.

Statistics show that 97% of Google Ads campaigns fail without good analytics. If you want to ensure a successful marketing campaign then you need to audit AdWords, learn more about your performance, and transform your PPC campaigns.

Your campaign performance might be struggling because you’re simply not used to seeing it from an objective viewpoint. You may be slightly biased towards certain industry or brand keywords or you might be relying on past performance to inform your decisions. A free PPC audit can give you a fresh look at your Google Ads campaign.

Get started right now by filling out the form at the bottom of this page to initiate your free PPC Audit from RSM.

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* To help you conduct a thorough PPC audit, you’ll need to provide our auditing tools access to your current Google ads campaign. This process is read-only, meaning we won’t make any changes to your campaign.

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