Lead Forensics – New Sales Leads
Every Day From Your Website

Lead forensics is a new lead generation technology that identifies unknown website visitors and turns them into HOT LEADS in real-time for follow up! If you have a salesperson, you need this.

Did You Know…

Only 2% of your website visitors will make contact with you. That means 98% of people are coming to your site, looking around and leaving.

This Easy Tool Will Handily Pay For Itself

Imagine getting an e-mail alert that a great prospect was on your website five minutes ago. Strike while they’re interested. Lead Forensics can be customized to send the right lead to the right salesperson on your team. An online portal also allows lead nurturing and syncs with Salesforce.

Identify Leads In Real Time

You get instant “alerts” with website visitors contact details:

• Business name
• Contact information
• Demographics
• Search behavior
• Financial data

Price To Play

$350 Monthly Fee For One Year

  • Monthly license
  • Training
  • Configuration of website
  • Optimization
  • Price may vary with volume

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