Online Chat
Build Customer Loyalty & Boost Sales

Provide your website visitors with the helpful information they want in real time. Live chat enables business to engage their website visitors in a new way that is highly preferred to phone by 25% of them.

Did You Know…

90% of customers consider live chat helpful! A Forrester Research study found that individuals were 63% more likely to return to a website that offers live chat, and 62% more likely to purchase from the site again if it has live chat.

Increasingly, Customer Want To Ditch The Call

Just like in a real life shop, you are more likely to convert a prospect to a customer if you talk to them. Online is no different. Engaging in real-time helps your customer get the info they need, right then.

Workers Everywhere

Internet connection and a PC or a mobile device are all you need to stay connected with your customers.

Virtual Agent 24/7

The Virtual Agent works when operators rest. It provides instant replies to customers’ questions based on its knowledge base. OR, chat will not show if no one in logged in.

Price To Play

$95/Month Fee Includes

  • Annual license
  • Setup
  • Training
  • Website configuration
  • Analytics

Use Live Chat to Your Marketing Advantage

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