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RSM U: Don’t Be a Drip! Creating Email Campaigns People Will Actually Want to Read

In this Webinar, RSM Marketing’s Content Team Lead Ryan Clem discussed strategizing a drip-email campaign.

What is a drip email campaign? A drip email campaign is a series of emails delivered strategically to achieve the desired action, like a sale or an event sign-up.

Main Points From the Webinar:

Drip email campaigns allow you to hang on to interested prospects and nurture them until they feel ready to take action.

These campaigns are especially effective with large purchases and business-to-business (B2B) sales.

People don’t always take immediate action on a website sometimes, they need time to think, so maintaining that connection with them is essential for a conversion to take place.

Why are drip email campaigns valuable?

  1. They move prospects further along the conversion path to the final call to action (CTA).
  2. The keep “in front of” prospects (“drip” on them)
  3. They continue to connect with prospects by providing them with something genuinely helpful.

If you have ever submitted your email to a website, you’ve likely been on the receiving end of these campaigns!

How do you get emails from your prospects?

Give them something of value. Nowadays, asking for an email is like asking for money. Make it worth it for your prospect.

Offering some value in exchange for something else is called a lead magnet. In your lead capture form, simply ask for your prospect’s first and last name and an email address; less is more!

What should you use for a lead magnet? Think about your goal… not just sales, but what is the last thing someone would do on your website?

Maybe it’s a job application, scheduling a consultation (a lot of B2Bs fit here) or registering for an event.

If you have an e-commerce website, the best magnets are coupons or discounts; it’s that low-hanging fruit for these conversions.

If you are offering a consultation service, offer a free consultation or assessment. You may already be offering this without charging, but position it as “free” in your lead magnet—it helps!

It can also demonstrate thought leadership or expertise in a lead magnet.  Offer a how-to guide, a whitepaper or even a sneak-peek for an upcoming event. If you’re looking for people to submit a job application, you can offer a cheat sheet to applicants as to what employers in your industry are looking for in candidates.

Lead Magnet House Rules:

  1. They deliver value before asking for money
  2. The value is available only in exchange for a visitors email address
  3. Your visitor can consume it immediately after the transaction
  4. You aren’t repurposing content for your website
  5. Your ‘gift’ helps prospects discover additional benefits of choosing your brand.

Planning Your Drip Email Campaign

Determine the length: tailor it to your customer’s buying cycle. If you’re unsure, make an estimate or ask someone in sales.

Be thoughtful and sparing in these emails. You don’t want to risk opt-outs.

In a several-month buying process, the first email is immediate and includes your lead-magnet material, the second email is three days later, the third email is a week later, then in two weeks, a month, two months and so on.

Content for Drip Emails

Meet your prospects in their problem state and offer them helpful content

  • Original research
  • How-to guides
  • Case studies
  • Whitepapers
  • Resource guides
  • Checklists
  • FAQs
  • Blogs

If you provide links, make sure they go to your website.

Your Emails are Only as Valuable As Your Subject Lines

Best practices for subject lines:

  • Create intrigue
  • Be concise and
  • Be clear

Two components:

Subject line: What is it, why does it matter?

Preview line: Supporting information. These can include a little flair!

  • Emojis in subject lines are effective, and they tend to have a 30% higher open rate.
  • Don’t make the recipient feel like they were just a name on a list.
  • Never sacrifice clarity for cleverness.

Traits of hard-working drip email campaigns

  1. They’re tailored to the buyer journey (length, objections, social proof and benefits)
  2. They provide helpful content at every touchpoint (blogs, how-tos, case studies).

Creating this content is an investment!

Questions & Answers

Q: Can I set up a drip campaign myself, or do I need to go through an agency?

A: You don’t need an agency, but it’s helpful. You have many options for email platforms such as Mailchimp and Active Campaign.

Q: What do I do if nobody is opening my emails? What’s a good open rate?

A: A good open rate percentage is 17-28%. You can see that on your email platform. Look at your subject lines and your timing of sending emails to improve open rates.

Q: Tips for launching an email campaign by using a cold email list and no lead magnet?

A: Make sure the first email meets them in their problem state. What are they struggling with? How are you going to help? A great subject line is essential.

Q: For a non-profit organization – where the primary goal is receiving donations and attracting donors, what strategies would you recommend for a successful drip campaign?

A: Show them that the donation they are making is valuable. What are the benefits to them? Captivating video could be included. Show them their donations at work. To keep watching the video, submit their email. Share data with them to show what previous donations have done.

We’ll See you at the Next RSM U Webinar!

Don’t worry—the learning doesn’t stop here.

Join us for Why Does Meta Matta?, with RSM Marketing’s President Scott Schaper, on Wednesday, April 20 at 11 a.m. (CST).

Register for the live event here! We hope to see you there.

Promise Asher is a Copywriting Intern for RSM Marketing. She joined the RSM team in February of 2022 and loves to use her top-notch writing skills to deliver high-quality content and wins to our clients. When she isn't writing, Promise spends her time with her friends and family.

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