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A Quick Recap of Josh Gomer’s RSM University Webinar


In this webinar, SEO specialist Josh Gomer discussed the top five search engine results page (SERP) features to help your website, and how to use these features to your website’s advantage. Featured snippets, People Also Ask, local map packs, knowledge cards/panels and rich snippets are beneficial to your business and website. 

Main Points from the Webinar: 

Featured snippets are the information boxes that appear at the top of search results. 

Most commonly, the featured snippet will appear as a suggested answer to your search query, pulled from a webpage.

How to rank?

  • Research keywords and aim for question-type queries
  • Format your content for the featured snippet you want
  • Get your site on the first page of Google search results

The “People also ask” (PAA) feature provides related questions and answers in Google search results. Showing up in this feature puts you at the top of the results page and leads new users to your site. 

How to rank?

  • Find a PAA question for your industry.
  • Make sure your page is not currently the source of the answer.
  • Rank in the top 10 Google search results for that question.
  • Optimize and format your content to directly answer the question.

Local map packs appear when you use location-based keywords or search for something like a local business. These results provide value to searchers while showcasing the credibility of your business. This powerful tool helps lead to offline purchases. 

How to rank?

  • Make your business profile or claim it if it already exists.
  • Verify your business name, address and phone number.
  • Optimize your business profiles.
  • Aim for more customer reviews.

Knowledge cards and panels provide more in-depth information about the topic being searched. Knowledge cards generally appear on the left side of the SERP and typically answer a direct question. However, the knowledge panel will typically appear on the right and answer the initial question while providing more information.  While this feature won’t necessarily bring more traffic to your site, it will make your business seem more credible.

How to rank?

  • Implement schema markup on your site. It’s invisible to visitors but crucial for Google’s knowledge graphs to find information. 
  • Get listed on Wikidata.org and Wikipedia
  • Optimize your Google Business Profile and social media accounts.
  • Verify your social media accounts. 

Rich snippets look very similar to organic search results, but they provide extra information that isn’t part of normal SERP results. This information can include star ratings and more, depending on the topic. 

How to rank?

  • Check which snippets are right for your business.
  • Get schema markup code written and implemented on your site.
    • Some web platforms have plugins that make implementing schema quick and easy, like Schema.org

Questions and Answers from the Webinar

Q: Can you pick what information shows up in rich or featured snippets?

A: No. Google determines what content from your page best fits the search query. This is why formatting is so important. Without your content laid out in an easy, readable format, Google will not pick it for these snippets. 

Q: How do you choose a good PPA question?

A: Google questions that people might ask regarding your industries, then look into the related questions to the question you asked. From there, you can determine how this question might be answered better and then tailor your content accordingly. 

Q: How do you make a new Google Business Profile if there isn’t one ready to be claimed?

A: Go to business.google.com and log in with a Gmail account.  Then, you can add a business to your profile. 

We’ll See you at the Next RSM U Webinar!

Don’t worry– the learning doesn’t stop here. You can browse upcoming RSM U sessions and register for them on our website. Remember, if you can’t make a session, sign up anyway to receive the information to watch the replay. We hope to see you soon!

Promise Asher is a Copywriting Intern for RSM Marketing. She joined the RSM team in February of 2022 and loves to use her top-notch writing skills to deliver high-quality content and wins to our clients. When she isn't writing, Promise spends her time with her friends and family.

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