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Your Brand and Social Media Presence


Humans are designed to love great stories. That’s why everyone enjoys a good book or a riveting motion picture. Nowadays, social media is the source of many tales that people sign in every day to read. It is also a fantastic avenue to develop a brand voice on a personal level with your clients and customers.

Relationship Between Social Media and Great Brand Storytelling

People use social media to connect with others in a meaningful way. In order to reach would-be clients and build a brand identity, you must create a personable brand story that has a consistent voice so your readers can truly relate. This means making posts let your brand tell its story. Storytelling will ultimately resonate with your audience and become memorable.

Taking a Look at the Greatest Brand Stories

The greatest brands have all attained worldwide attention by creating superior stories that are readily associated with their brands.

  • Nike promotes people doing the impossible.
  • Apple depicts individuals challenging the norm.
  • Airbnb shows users traveling and living in lovely homes around the world is accessible.
  • Whole Foods promotes a combination of healthy nutrition and living.

Social Media and Your Brand Story

You are probably wondering how you can add to your own distinctive brand story via social media. Well, ideally, you should keep it simple at first. Share personalized posts about your brand that show the following:

  • What are you doing with your brand?
  • What are you learning or what your brand is teaching?
  • Provide a behind the scenes look at your company.

Your brand needs its own social media personality. People are more willing and responsive to a brand that has its own unique voice. Focus on what your brand is all about to create stories that display its message. Remember, every social media post that you make should be relatable and authentic. Your storytelling ability must reach out and grab the reader.

Social Media Status Updates

Social media status updates on Facebook can be easily turned into small stories that are similar to miniaturized blog posts. Twitter allows a 140 character limit but you can still be creative with your brand story and post an intriguing story that keeps followers coming back for more. Even Instagram can have a photo with a short story attached to draw people to your brand. Never underestimate the power of the visual with your viewers.

Avoid Posting Just for Likes

You should never put posts on social media just to garner likes. Instead, your goal should always be to build a relevant brand story that reaches out to the reader and remains memorable. All information posted on your business account should somehow inform to your followers. They are not there to see that funny cat gif unless you own a pet supply store.

The First Sentence in a Post is the ‘Hook’

The first sentence of any post that you make on social media must ‘hook’ the reader’s interest. To achieve this, you must foster a sense of intrigue. Excellent storytelling keeps the reader moving to the next sentence, and, if it is really good, it will be memorable. With an aura of wow and wonder, your reader will be spurred to not only like your post but also engage with it.

Ideal first sentences contain one of the following:

  • Intrigue
  • Wonder
  • Wow
  • Emotion
  • Shock

Social media is the perfect way to interact on a personal level with your audience. It promotes your brand story and enables you to embark on storytelling to bring in even more valuable customers who will relate to your brand in a memorable fashion.

Brooke Biasella is a Social Media Specialist at RSM Marketing who focuses on social media strategy and influencer marketing. Brooke graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in communication studies and minored in German. When she isn't writing and managing social clients, Brooke enjoys rollerskating, videography, and the live music scene in Kansas City.

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