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Why Web Design is More Important Than Ever Before


Your Website is the Face of Your Company

With more and more business being conducted digitally, having a well-thought-out website is more important than ever. Some business owners may never even meet a client face to face for a year if at all. Having an attractive, well-functioning website with a healthy amount of relevant information, and easy navigation will help current and future clients stay up to date and feel more comfortable working alongside you digitally. This is extremely important for small businesses as well as large corporations.

Your website is your first impression when a potential client stumbles across your business online so make it count. Having a professional and attractive-looking site suited to your business will put you leagues ahead of your competition. If you have a clunky, outdated site, users will gravitate towards another site.

User Experience Matters

Have you ever clicked on a site with all the answers you need but it runs slowly, is difficult to navigate, or is just plain… awful? User experience is important when it comes to web design.

4 Primary User Experience Factors:

  • Site speed
  • Mobile optimization
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Familiar layout

Hiring an experienced web design company will ensure that your site runs flawlessly. Modifications can be made quickly  to give your users the best experience possible. You can always build your own site, but finding a great web design team will save you a ton of headaches in the long run.

Is Your Website Attractive Enough?

Many people are on the internet during a large chunk of their day. They see tons of websites, some look great and some not so great. Having an attractive modern website lets users know that you are serious and professional.

4 Web Design Trends of 2018

  • Variable fonts
  • Bright, bold, minimalist Imagery
  • Mobile-focused design

What About Free Web Design Platforms?

We have talked about these previously in a more in depth post. We have all seen the fancy commercials and web ads for these free web design sites (Wix, Squarespace, etc.) They seem like a fantastic deal and have some nice templates, why wouldn’t you go with the free choice instead of paying a pro?

Well here is something to consider, if an element on your site is “broken” let’s say the link to your contact page, or your product page, would you rather have to go through a slew of automated questions, hold for 20 minutes then talk to a representative and try to explain the problem? Or would you rather have a direct line and a direct email to your own personal web designer, a real human being, who if the problem cannot be solved over the phone or email will be able to meet with you in person to troubleshoot? If the health of my company is on the line I would want the latter.

With free sites, you also lose flexibility with what you can do aesthetically. The templates on this site are quite rigid and sometimes won’t accept your company specific images, allow you to customize menus, edit text size etc.

Should I Hire a Professional?

Hiring a professional to design and host your website not only ensures you will have a modern, appealing look to your website but also a team to troubleshoot and support any issues you have on the back end.

Our verdict: Yes, if you are serious about growing your company and increasing your online traffic, hire a professional.

Joshua Schaper is a Content Specialist at RSM Marketing who focuses on blog strategy and production. He has worked at RSM since 2020 and is passionate about delivering high-quality, relevant search traffic to our clients. When he's not writing, Josh loves to play basketball, listen to hip-hop music, and play video games.

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