Why Some Companies Never Create Marketing Departments

by | Mar 26, 2019

Organizational structure varies between companies, but it’s not uncommon for the creation of one particular team to be up for debate—marketing.

Some companies choose to go without one and others build an internal marketing team, but the really smart ones do something radical. They outsource it!

RSM Marketing offers what we call an Outsourced Marketing Department (OMD), which gives our clients all the marketing services they need, along with a time-shared marketing director, for a flat monthly cost.

Our OMD clients have their cake and eat it, too. They get great work and never have to hire and manage a marketing team of their own.

Here’s why!

They Save Money

Our clients reap the benefit of a steady line item on their books for the equivalent of 11+ FTEs (full-time equivalents). These clients recognize that hiring and managing employees takes time and money, which is why the efficiency and cost savings of an OMD is so attractive.

Just imagine tapping into more than 40 marketing experts at a drop of a hat and never seeing a spike in your monthly statement. That’s the value of an outsourced marketing department. Our teams are designed to support each client’s individual needs, whatever they may be, without tacking on hefty and unexpected price tags.

They Get Big Ideas

Clients know their product or service best, but their thinking is often limited by their own proximity. They can add new talent or capabilities to their team, but it’s tough to overcome the natural byproduct of internal collaboration.

When we work with clients, we break down walls. We look at things sideways, upside down and 10,000 feet above sea level. Then, through candor and collaboration with our clients, we land somewhere remarkable. We achieve breakthrough.

When we onboarded an OMD client who was opening a new, science-based dinosaur theme park in the community, it was a tall order. We had to create public interest in the park long before its summer opening.  

So, we did what any logical person would do—we planted a 30-foot tyrannosaurus rex across from a high-traffic arena.

“Not only was it attention-grabbing, but the newspapers, TV—everybody—came and picked it up when the dinosaur was put in,” said client Guy Gsell, president and chief executive producer of Field Station: Dinosaurs. “Long before people knew there was going to be a Field Station: Dinosaurs, people were curious about that dinosaur across from the arena. They were Googling us and liking us on Facebook before we even opened.”

That’s breakthrough.

They Get Everything They Need

Remember that team of 40+ marketing specialists? Our clients have access to each of their unique skills and perspectives.

It allows us to knock it all out of the park: marketing strategy, campaign management, social media management, graphic design, video production, online advertising, search engine optimization, web design, media planning and buying and more!

For client Craig HomeCare, who provides in-home pediatric nursing services, an outsourced marketing department gave them the glue they needed.

“Prior to RSM Marketing, we weren’t handling marketing very well,” said Todd Lewis, Director of Operations for Craig Home Care. It lacked cohesion. We wanted an agency that would immediately produce.”

Like with all of our OMD clients, we offer Craig HomeCare a full outsourced marketing solution.

“RSM is a one-stop shop,” said Emily Lenz, Craig HomeCare’s recruitment and social media manager. “Everything is under one roof and there are subject matter experts in all of those areas. We honestly feel like they are a part of our team. It’s been a story of success for us!”

They’ve Got a True Partner

It’s music to our ears when clients don’t see the line between our team and theirs. That’s the goal, after all. But, this dynamic is more than a great feeling—it’s rooted in achieving results. We want them as much as our clients do, which is what makes us a true partner.

When an HVAC company in Chicago came to us in need of leads, we rolled up our sleeves. To get there, we reshaped and rebuilt their entire website and online marketing program—which isn’t for the faint of heart.

But, when you tackle it with a partner, you share the load and ultimately, the vision. Opportunity can look a lot like hard work and we always go the extra mile.

“They’re going to work as hard for you on day 365 as they worked for you on day one,” said client Todd Lewis.

So, are you ready to start day one with an outsourced marketing department?

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