Remarkable marketing that's easy and affordable.

Helping companies nationally achieve their breakthroughs.

RSM is the originator of the Outsourced Marketing Department (OMD) model where clients get all their services, along with a time-shared marketing director, wrapped nicely in a flat monthly subscription.

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Helping companies nationally achieve their breakthroughs.

RSM is the originator of the Outsourced Marketing Department (OMD) model where clients get all their services, along with a time-shared marketing director, wrapped nicely in a flat monthly subscription.

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Outsourced Marketing:
The Better Option For Your Business?


Thinking about extending your organization’s marketing capabilities? Consider outsourcing.

The practice of using third-party for outsourcing labor began during the Industrial Revolution. Before this, manufacturers made all their products in-house. But as business began to pick up and companies became busier, they realized that contracting help from outside sources ensured smoother and more cost-effective operations.

In terms of outsourced marketing, the practice became the norm during the 19th century and was later refined in the 20th century. Advertisers became more skilled in their use of imagery to sell their products and, as the years progressed, traditional advertising no longer made the cut. Businesses needed the help of experts to continuously improve their strategies so that they aligned with changing trends.

Now, more businesses turn to outsourced marketing to reach more audiences and improve their strategies to generate more revenue.

How Outsourced Marketing Works

Enlisting the help of an outsourced marketing agency is more than just creating taglines and jingles. Outsourcing involves research on your target demographics, studies of their online habits, and strategies designed to align your business’ online presence with the habits of your demographic.

Outsourced marketing allows you to meet and engage with prospects at different stages of their buying cycle.

RSM Marketing is one of the names that spearheaded this marketing revolution. Let us help you experience a marketing breakthrough with our subscription services.

Outsourced vs. In-House Marketing

The RSM Marketing Approach to Outsourcing

Online growth, an increase in traffic, better ROI — these are just some of the goals we share with you. Our primary goal is to help your business achieve these things. The ladder to success starts with a marketing process designed to finish multiple marketing tasks efficiently.

Step 1: Establish Monthly Subscription Budget

We provide an innovative Outsourced Marketing Department subscription model. Our flat subscription fee gives you access to our large team of marketing professionals, without going over your budget. Let us know about your financial capabilities, and we will tailor a strategy based on it.

Step 2: Establish Business Objectives

What do you want to see? More leads? More traffic? Better consumer engagement?

The outsource marketing team gets to know your business first before we recommend any of our services. Let us know everything about you during the consultation. We want to understand your goals so that we can help you achieve them through the right combination of marketing tools.

Step 3: Establish a Plan

Once we have gathered enough information, we start planning. We recommend services that match your needs. Our plan combines digital practices with other effective marketing techniques to ensure you get the best results possible.

Step 4: Schedule Strategy Assessment Meetings

We like to mix up a few of our services every now and then to maximize our marketing efforts. We determine areas of improvement that require immediate attention and focus on those first.

Google Partner Agency

We have maintained our Google Partner status since 2013, when we were named as the first Google Partner Agency in the region.

Is your marketing department getting pricier by the day?

With new technologies and specialized skills required to effectively compete and win, it’s not going to get any cheaper. Save money, improve quality, and get a better return on your marketing investments. Business owners and C-level executives are using our Outsourced Marketing Department (OMD) to re-energize their organizations and gain a strategic advantage over competitors.


If you want to learn more about OMD, call Mike directly and he’ll get you the information you need.

“Unicorn FTE” vs. OMD

OMD Clients use 11 FTEs on Average

Many clients are relying on a single FTE ‘Marketing Unicorn’ to handle everything, or they are searching to find and hire one of these rare creatures. (Unicorn = One person who is an expert in all types of marketing and can handle everything on their own.)


$5k / month


$5k / month

The fact is, an OMD Subscription rate is often equal to the cost of a single FTE. But with an OMD you’ve got a full team of highly specialized experts moving your marketing forward at the speed the market demands, often for the same price. With an OMD subscription, you’ll avoid the delays created by on the job learning, projects stacking up behind each other, vacations, sick days and recruiting. Even if you’ve already found your Marketing Unicorn, RSM can help by adding more marketing bandwidth to keep your marketing moving.

Client Testimonials

Recent Clients

HVAC company in Chicago

$30 million HVAC company. Helping this client re-shape their entire website and online marketing program for more leads.

Natural gas marketer in Atlanta

Meeting weekly with this client to refine their brand message, re-position the brand, and shorten the purchase lifecycle.

Life insurance company in New Jersey

This funded startup is receiving everything, from identity to video, to website and online marketing and national advertising along with senior marketing consultation to set it apart in the national market.

Technology company in Oklahoma City

Helping an established company take its new IP and technology services to new markets, testing messaging, running test multi-state marketing programs, aggressively developing the online purchasing experience for B2B and B2C audiences, and much more.

Financial services company in Kansas

Helping this client go from an outbound sales model to an inbound marketing model nationally as part of an exclusive new product rollout with a goal of doubling sales within a year.

Anything you need…

The Outsourced Marketing Department subscription from RSM Marketing provides the subscriber with access to a comprehensive team of marketing specialists to complete nearly any marketing need. This service is delivered at a cost that is 30% less than the costs of employing an in-house team, providing ongoing training, purchasing equipment and software. The subscription is set to a specific number of hours that can be applied to the full range of needs including marketing strategy, planning, project management, video production, photography, radio production, print design and production, website design and development, SEO, online marketing, social media management, content marketing, text marketing and much more. Download our OMD Guidebook for a more comprehensive overview on how you can leverage OMD for your marketing needs.

Dozens of Talented Experts

with a team of 35+ marketing specialists!

Our Marketing Buffet Has All The Best Stuff Included

Marketing Strategy and Analytics
Marketing Strategy and Analytics
Web Design / Development
Web Design & Development
Identity / Branding
Identity & Branding
Social Media Management
Social Media Management
Print / Graphic Design
Print & Graphic Design
Video Production / Photography
Video Production & Photography

RSM can include the entire range of your marketing needs in your subscription because our team includes photographers, videographers, animators, web programmers, database coders, SEO/SEM experts, social media managers and more. See how our outsourced marketing services can help boost your online presence. Talk to our team today to get started.

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