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The Great Marketing Lie

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This book was written by the founding partners of RSM Marketing. It is a must read for business owners, leadership teams and marketers who want to stop acting tactically and start making big strategic moves to create unfair advantages in their businesses. The insights herein come from decades of real-world experience with business owners/executives such as you.

Marketing is one of the most misunderstood but crucial areas of business. Most of us are drowning in the ever-expanding lists of marketing tactics and do not understand that acting strategic is the solution to gain business breakthrough, simplification, efficiency and effectiveness. So, many undertake expensive and misguided efforts that yield little-to-no ROI, reducing strategic growth and increasing strategic risks, as well as squandering profits.

To better assess your options, this “manual” demystifies marketing and presents six key truths that will equip you and your team to enact deliberate, advantage-creating changes in your business. From introducing standardized “mental models” to challenging thinking patterns to creating a multi-year business road map, Mike and Bruce team up to help you dismantle the Great Marketing Lie and replace it with actionable, competitive strategies.

This is not just a book you’re going to “read.” You’ll want a pen in hand to take notes that you’ll want to apply to your business and team. This is not a book you finish saying, “that was nice.” No. The foundational and easily applied strategic marketing principles come with tools to work through them. Get your white board ready for the team. Your goal is to get your company “from here to there,” and The Great Marketing Lie was written for just that purpose: To create a competitive moat around your business. To be a team of “sharks with laser beams.” To think like a raptor while your competitors are asleep. To go from red ocean to blue.

The Great Marketing Lie is a book you’ll want to return to over time as your business and markets continue to change.

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