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RSM U Marketing Sessions

By marketers, for businesses. No B.S.

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Led by subject matter experts who do the work everyday.

Our presenters are real marketers who do the actual work everyday. Each session features a different subject matter expert, sharing what they do best, there to answer your marketing questions.

  • Want to hear from an SEO guru how the latest Google update could affect your search results?
  • How about what makes people take action on your website from a User Experience (UX) designer?
  • Do you want tips on how to make the most of your digital ad budget from the experts?
  • Or how to prioritize your marketing objectives and budget from a marketing manager?
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Scott Schaper


You need to get more ROI from your marketing….

So you try some marketing seminars and websites but they’re too technical, too in-the-weeds.

That’s because they’re for other marketers.

Which is great, just not for you.

And if you DO find a marketing seminar for businesses? Well, bring on the hype and the sales pitches.

Get real answers to your marketing challenges with no B.S. at RSM U. We blow past the theoretical and the complicated and get down to brass tacks about the marketing tactics that are worth your time and money.

And oh yeah, it’s free.

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You just want to know how to get more leads and sell more stuff!

We think that’s not too much to ask.

Upcoming Sessions

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RSM U Values


No hype, no blowing smoke. We won’t tell you a tactic is good when it’s not, and we don’t recommend things we wouldn’t do or use ourselves.


Forget theory. RSM U is all about real, actionable insights you can put into use to improve your marketing ROI.


Marketing requires continuous learning and a burning curiosity about how to do things better. We pass what we learn on to you.

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