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About Us

RSM believes in helping middle-market companies achieve lasting advantages by making strategic marketing affordable, doable, and sustainable.

Our unique subscription offerings keep costs affordable, predictable and accountable. Our efficient and proven processes make it easy to get started and easy to manage.  Clients enjoy a kickoff within a week of approving their subscription and typically need to commit 1 hour each week or every other week to discuss planning with their RSM marketing director.

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  • What we do is all the marketing stuff that clients really don’t want to do or manage themselves. Or, clients are leveraging our technologies.
  • RSM does all this work with a Kansas-based team of 35-40 professionals in Kansas City and Wichita. A normal subscription will utilize 11 skill sets, all in-house.
  • RSM invests heavily in marketing technologies and has proprietary “tech stacks” that go far beyond basic certifications such as “Google Partner.” RSM is able to offer clients technology advantages that are uncommon for a middle-market firm due to the size of the investments. RSM’s diversified and large client portfolio allows the firm to afford these investments.
  • RSM deploys “mental models” in support of its online marketing execution. Mental models are standardized frameworks to simplify and expedite marketing “art.” Many times these models are taken from best-of-class thinking outside the firm, and sometimes they are proprietary. Clients routinely benefit from these mental models as they are baked into everyday work, affecting: brand strategy, brand positioning, brand archetypes, ideal client mapping, journey storytelling, marketing strategy, ad concepts, and more.

RSM goes to market as a family of brands: Unravel SEO, 360Ideas, Hydraulic Studio, 360Directories.com, Wichita Consumer Research Center, Air Capital Drone Co., HowToAdvertiseOnSiriusXM.com.

RSM was founded in 2010 with the goal of making enterprise level marketing talent, tools and technologies accessible to middle market companies . RSM has completed two mergers in order to provide clients with a robust, “under the same roof” team. RSM has  twice been names to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America and now serves 500+ companies around the country.

Our Core Values


No hype, no blowing smoke. We won’t tell you a tactic is good when it’s not, and we don’t recommend things we wouldn’t do or use ourselves.


Forget theory. RSM U is all about real, actionable insights you can put into use to improve your marketing ROI.


Marketing requires continuous learning and a burning curiosity about how to do things better. We pass what we learn on to you.

Company Leadership

The people supporting our talented team.

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Bruce Rowley

Managing Partner
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Mike Snyder

Managing Partner
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Scott Schaper

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Danny Humphrey

Director of Operations
About - - ashley

Ashley Robinson

Director of Client Services
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Amanda Nichols

UX Manager
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Ashley Lundblade

Producer, Hydraulic Studio
About - - heather snyder

Heather Snyder

Senior Advisor, Outsourced Marketing

How we work

We provide marketing services to our clients through an ongoing subscription at a flat, monthly rate.

Outsourced Marketing Dept.

For businesses that need marketing manpower and their own dedicated marketing director to lead the change.

Get Started

Managed Marketing Services

The marketing manpower without the marketing director. Ideal for businesses that have a marketing plan but need the resources to implement it.

Get Started
About - - heather snyder

Heather Snyder

Kansas City
316.444.4377 ext. 131
[email protected]

Ready to Talk?

Call us at 877.272.4979. Or we can contact you.

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