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Bondy - - bondy icon white

Client Spotlight:


In the work from home exodus, two savvy entrepreneurs developed a whole new way to keep remote teams strong and company culture vibrant. And we got to be part of it.

Everything looked bright for Lisa Harrington and Kimberly Martinez going into 2020. Their specialty fashion accessories company, Bonitas International, was going gangbusters, selling designer lanyards and badge reel jewelry for employees.

Then COVID hit, people stopped going into the office to work, and their customer base dried up overnight.

The two didn’t miss a beat, putting their heads together to come up with something new they had to offer. What did they do well? How could they help other companies affected by the remote work exodus?

They knew how to execute logistics flawlessly. Even better, they knew how to build strong company culture and teams remotely. They’d been doing it at Bonitas for years.

What if there was a way to…deliver…company culture? A way to connect remote teams through shared experiences?

Bondy - - bondy founders

Bondy co-founders Lisa Harrington
& Kimberly Martinez

There was no brand name yet. No logo or identity. No products. But the idea for Bondy was born.

And that’s when Lisa and Kimberly called us, to help them turn that idea into a fully realized brand.

Challenges & Solutions


  • Lisa and Kimberly needed to create everything from scratch—brand identity, product line, ecommerce website, social media presence, the whole shebang—and they needed to do it, like, yesterday.
  • Bondy’s product offering needed to be clearly differentiated from branded corporate gifts and snack box subscriptions. These markets are saturated, and are not geared towards building remote team connection and culture like Bondy.


  • RSM’s outsourced marketing department gave Lisa and Kimberly access to turnkey marketing power and the leadership of a dedicated marketing director all for a flat rate subscription. They could move fast without having to hire and manage brand and marketing strategists, designers, web developers, social media managers, PPC specialists, videographers, and product photographers on their own.
  • We all worked together on the unique value proposition and messaging for the Bondy brand, and communicated it clearly throughout all marketing channels.

A brand is Born!

Logo Phase 1: Initial Sketching

Without knowing what products were going inside the Bondy boxes, we started off with some more generic box icons and focused more on typeface exploration.

Bondy - - bondy sketches
Bondy - - bondy concepts

Logo Phase 2: Digitizing

We re-created the strongest concepts in Adobe Illustrator. We wanted to show the client a variety of options to see whether they preferred emblem, horizontal or stacked layouts.

Logo Phase 3: Finalizing

The approved logo reflects the connection and culture that Bondy emphasizes, showing team members coming together. The vibrant color palette is quirky and fun to demonstrate the excitement and energy the Bondy experiences generate for teams, yet still appeals to the B2B professionals that they are targeting.

Bondy - - bondy final

Receiving and unboxing a Bondy is a key part of the experience.

Bondy - - bondy box closed
Bondy - - bondy box open
Bondy - - bondy box angle

More than just snack boxes, Bondys are curated to engage the senses and create shared experiences.

Bondy - - man holding bondy
Bondy - - opening bondy
Bondy - - bondy
Bondy - - open bondy

No boring corporate website or explainer videos here.

Most subscription box and corporate gift ordering is confusing. (We tried a bunch of them, and were frustrated to tears.) So, we wanted to show how refreshingly simple Bondy ordering is, in an equally refreshing way. Everyone loved the vibrant animation so much, we carried it through several marketing channels.

Bondy - - bondy revive
Bondy - - bondy revive
Bondy - - bondy fiesta party
Bondy - - bondy grain
Bondy - - bondy meeting
Bondy - - bondy reviveBondy - - bondy fiesta partyBondy - - bondy grainBondy - - bondy meeting

Banishing the B2B blahs.

Here’s the thing about way too much corporate B2B copy. It’s a snooze fest.
It probably has value as a sleep aid that’s not habit forming, but it doesn’t captivate or connect.

We knew the right brand voice would differentiate Bondy and convey the fresh, fun and exciting Bondy experience. The copy is modern and quirky, but still communicates Bondy’s value.

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