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Plastic Surgery Marketing Services

Plastic surgery consultation

Plastic surgeon marketing is key to attracting new patients and building awareness for a surgery or medical practice. Today, marketing for plastic surgery is almost entirely digital and online-based. 

Potential clients won’t choose the first plastic surgery business they find. They will complete research and explore various options. That’s why your branding and marketing must be on point. 

Optimize Your Website 

97% of interactions online still begin with a search engine. Plastic surgery patients will use search engines to find out as much information as possible about a procedure. The best SEO will be fully integrated into your plastic surgery website. It won’t stand out and will still deliver the results you need. 

Content is key here. Increase SEO and add value by creating question-based content. Use content to answer questions such as:

  • How much will a procedure cost?
  • What are the pros and cons of a procedure?
  • What is the recovery period?

Creating content will help tackle the pain points potential patients face. You can also ensure that your website has content based on the questions users are asking when completing a search. 

Give your digital marketing a lift today.

Target the Right People

Plastic surgery isn’t a universal solution. Your target audience will have the right time, money, and effort to invest in your services. Think about the platform that will be most likely to reach this audience. 

Studies suggest this is Facebook. Facebook provides useful options for your plastic surgery strategy. You can target based on:

  • Annual income
  • Relationship status 
  • Age 
  • Activities
  • Purchases

Provide Compelling Evidence

Plastic surgery consultation

More than 80% of users today will not purchase a service without looking at reviews. They want evidence that a company can deliver the results. As a plastic surgeon, you need to show you can provide the changes they need.

One of the most effective tools is before and after pictures. Pictures like this highlight the value and impact of your services. They provide real-life examples of the results of your treatment. To gain the greatest impact, photos should be relatable. Individuals used should not look like models and prospective patients should find that the patients photographed are similar to them. 

Focus on providing more than just a photo. Give details on the surgery offered, the patient, and the impact. Remember, telling a story is the best way to win with marketing. 

When you add visuals to your website, ensure that they are not too exclusive. This could cause you to drive a large number of prospects away. Focus on ensuring that your medical practice feels comfortable and welcoming. 

Give your digital marketing a lift today.

Landing Pages 

Landing pages convert visitors into leads and then consultations. Each page should have a specific focus. Pages can provide educational content or deliver key information or audience needs. Some of the key landing pages can include:

  • Requests for additional Info
  • Subscription to an email list
  • Sign up to attend a consultation

The best landing pages will require a response from a visitor. They will help you build up your prospects. Landing pages should provide real value and not take a lot of time. Ask for too much information and you could lose the interest of your audience. 

Digital Ads

More than 30% of users will click on paid ads before searching the organic listings. Purchasing plastic surgery ads can help build up a profile and gain more attention. 

Paid ads can increase traffic to your website and provide a cost-effective marketing solution. You can also use paid ads to target specific audiences and key terms. 

Consider Messaging 

Building your marketing plan requires a focus on messaging. Any messaging for a plastic surgery brand should be focused on emotions. Think about what they want or need. Consider why they need this and how your treatment can help. 

You should avoid negative wording but keep the message realistic. Only promise what you can deliver. Potential patients will always respect and admire honesty in marketing. 

Avoid medical jargon. You must ensure that your plastic surgery services feel open and accessible. Using jargon will immediately turn off customers because it will feel confusing. Keep it simple and use conversational messaging. 

Once you understand who your target audience is, it will be easier to create the right messaging. Make sure that you refer to them as ‘you’ and your services as ‘we.’ This makes your business instantly more approachable. 

Give your digital marketing a lift today.

Add a Blog

A blog is the most effective tool aside from your website for marketing a plastic surgery business. Blogs can allow you to brand yourself as an expert and engage with your audience. 

You can educate them about different elements while adding to your SEO. For your blog to be effective, you must keep it interesting, engaging, and appealing. Focus on adding content that is relevant to your specific audience. 

As with your overall brand, you must keep things conversational. You should also constantly publish new content. This will guarantee your blog feels fresh and modern. 

Stay Connected

You should focus on keeping connections with previous patients positive. There are two reasons for this. First, it’s common for patients to want more than one treatment. You need to guarantee they choose your practice for their second, third or fourth surgery. 

Previous patients can also be agents for your business. They are the best source for referrals and can offer word-of-mouth advertising. New patients are more likely to trust their reviews over your self-marketing. 

You should stay connected with former patients through emails, newsletters and social media. Keep delivering value and they’ll continue to promote your services. They will be more inclined to mention your brand in posts and recommend your plastic surgeries to people they know. 

Give your digital marketing a lift today.

Here is the step-by-step process for cosmetic surgery marketing.

To succeed with plastic surgery marketing you must understand what works. Find a team you can trust and that has experience marketing businesses in this industry. Specific expertise in the cosmetic surgery sector will be essential. 

Plastic surgery marketing strategies must be carefully constructed. This will ensure that they do deliver the right results. Think about competitor marketing, demographics, and any prior elements of your brand. 

Once a plan is in place, it must be followed. This will ensure that you work towards your objectives.

Finally, you need to measure the results. There are many tools to measure digital marketing strategies. The best strategy will improve your online reputation and lead to higher numbers of leads as well as consultations.

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