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Does Your Site Have MOX-ie?



1. Quality of one’s character displaying energetic initiative and determination. 2. Behavior characterized by daring courage, pep and spirited mobility. Mary showed a lot of moxie in her speech to the student council.


MOX, Mobile Optimized eXperience, is a new acronym to describe your site’s or app’s user-experience as it specifically relates to mobile users. The MOX you offer to your site’s users goes beyond simply having a site that looks good on a mobile device. To have a web presence with real “MOX-ie ” requires a business to thoughtfully carve out a deliberate path for visitors on the move. Site’s with a high MOX Score offer fresh web content and mobile-optimized, or device-responsive page layouts.

Businesses with real MOX-ie have a mobile analytics profile setup that specifically charts and tracks mobile usage so they can continually adapt to mobile trends.

Get Your MOX On!

If you haven’t yet decided to get a mobile-optimized version of your primary website, then it’s time to start seriously considering this rapidly growing traffic segment. You likely consume mobile web content every day yourself—on your phone, your tablet, your GPS device or in your car. Your site’s content is no different—except that it is less accessible or not at all accessible on those very mobile devices.

1. Get Real
The first step is to realize the scope of the mobile surge. Stop ignoring this group by forcing them to laboriously pinch, squeeze and swipe their way to information they are dying to have now.

2. Get Aware
Take some time to research how mobile is affecting the internet as a whole and your industry specifically. Consider your own behavior when you use your smartphone or tablet. How do site’s you visit often appear on your phone? What differences do you notice when you browse the web on your phone?

3. Evaluate Your Site
Visit every page on your site, read each page thoroughly, click each link and submit a message from the form on your contact page. Take a deep breath and honestly evaluate the MOX with some simple questions:

  1. Did your site load quickly on your phone?
    • Mobile users expect instantaneous load-times.
  2. Are you forcing them to load pictures large enough for desktop viewing?
    • Mobile users and carriers are paying for and/or monitoring bandwidth.
  3. Does your navigation and other links allow users to click with their thumb?
    • Don’t force mobile viewers to “pinch open” the page to click a link
  4. Does your site have hover effects that assume the user has a mouse?
    • “Hovering” on a mobile device is awkward and frustrating

Keep Testing

Mobile devices come to the market at dizzying speeds. Keep testing your MOX quarterly, maybe monthly or possibly whenever new content is added for mobile users.

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