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Google Featured Snippets Explained!


Google featured snippets are small nuggets of information that appear above all Google search results, even the top-ranked search result, which makes these featured snippets highly valuable to search engine optimizers (SEOs).

Google created these snippets for the sole purpose of providing direct and quick information to a searcher, so they don’t have to click on a result to find the information they are looking for. Thanks to featured snippets, users often get the information they need without opening a new page and leaving the search engine results page (SERP). Since these snippets appear above all other search results, people refer to them as Position #0. 

Using the Google snippet feature, if a user chooses to click on the link provided under the snippet, Google will instantly direct them to that particular information on the webpage. This is handy for users because they do not have to browse for the correct information. Instead, Google takes them directly to the information they need.

How Does it Work?

Featured snippets are chosen by Google’s algorithms based on several factors, including how frequently users are visiting a particular website in search of relevant information. It is possible to optimize your website to make it more likely to be chosen for a particular featured snippet.

This feature is an extremely useful way of getting more visits to your website through organic search results. Organic search results are search results that get clicks independent of any paid advertising. These websites get more clicks and are featured as Google snippets based only on the relevance and quality of content produced by its developers.

These websites are also evaluated on the basis of no-click searches. No-click searches are recorded when a user does not have to click on any website to find their desired information. Instead, the user is answered through the section of information present in the Google snippets. Moreover, these snippets are constructed based on their relevance to the keywords that the users type on the search engine to find a particular piece of knowledge. 

Types of Featured Snippets

It is not always necessary at all times that a user needs information in the same format. Google will display the information in the form that it deems the most helpful. Google uses different types of snippets, such as paragraphs, tables, lists, and videos to serve this purpose.


Whenever we search for a word’s meaning or a simple closed-ended question, Google answers it in the form of a paragraph snippet. For instance, if you write “archaeology meaning” on the search bar, you will find its meaning in the first snippet, preferably extracted from Oxford Dictionary or Merriam Webster.

Similarly, if you type, “How to boil pasta?”, you will receive a detailed answer in the form of a paragraph snippet. If you click on the featured link, it will take you directly to the content written in the snippet.


The answer to your query doesn’t need to be always present in the form of a paragraph. For example, if you write “Bedsheet sizes” on Google, you will see a table appear in front of you that explains all the dimensions of different kinds of bedsheets. 


Other than tables and paragraphs, Google uses another form to answer a query is ordered lists. Try writing “side effects of aspirin” on Google. You will see a long list of symptoms in front of you, not a detailed paragraph. This is because Google aims to give the user the quickest answer that enables the readers to find what they are looking for in mere seconds.


In some cases, a video may be the best way to learn about something in detail. Therefore, Google also uses video snippets to present the most valuable data to the user. For instance, if you want to learn how to make a Dutch braid and type the relevant keywords on your search engine, you will not get any paragraph, list, or table in front of you. Instead, you will see several videos from YouTube and other websites specializing in hairstyles. 

How to Get a Featured Snippet on Google

The most important thing if you want to get your content or website ranked for a Google snippet is using some kind of keyword overview tool. These tools will not only help you evaluate what keywords are open for ranking, but they will also provide helpful information about the user’s search queries.

The first step to getting a featured snippet on Google is to evaluate what Google wants to show in the snippet in the first place. To do this, pick a specific genre about which you want to develop your content. Type different keywords to determine how their respective answers appear on the search engine.

Once you have a massive list of keywords, start searching and note down those keywords whose answers appear in a snippet. This will tell you what Google wants to feature in the browser as a snippet.

Using keywords that are likely to produce a snippet on Google, you can now begin to construct the relevant content. Make sure that your content is simple, easy to read, and contains objective information. If you add fluff in your content, it is improbable that it will become a featured snippet.

As you’ve probably noticed, featured snippets do not contain the subjective feelings or opinions of the author. Instead, their content shows objective data and statistics, which can help the viewer to get an unbiased view of their desired information.

Achieving high ranks on Google can be tough, and a team of expert SEOs can help you get the job done. Take a look at this article if you want to dive deeper into how you can improve your Google rankings.


Bryan Marvin is a Data Activation Specialist and the leader of the SEO Team at RSM Marketing. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in English Literature. He has worked at RSM since 2019 and is passionate about all things spreadsheets. Outside of work, Bryan enjoys board games, reading, and spending time with his wife and baby boy.

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