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Online Reputation Management Services

Your reputation matters. Especially, when it’s online for the world to see.

People tell you all the time how much they like your business, yet they never seem to leave reviews on online platforms like Google Business, Facebook, Yelp, and Nextdoor. Or perhaps the reviews you do get are not very positive and don’t adequately reflect your patrons’ feelings.

Soliciting good reviews from happy customers is a key part of a good marketing strategy. Statistics show that reviews, specifically positive reviews can increase a potential customer’s likelihood of converting.

So you’re convinced that reviews matter and are necessary for the growth of your business, right? But let’s be honest, you don’t have the time or the desire to beg everyone that walks through your door for a review. Maybe it even makes you uncomfortable to ask.

Well, that’s where your outsourced marketing department comes in. As marketing professionals, we know the value of good reviews, and we know how to help you get them!

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Tell Me More About Online Reputation Management

Our reputation management services are designed with busy business owners in mind. We make it easy for you to ask your customers for reviews and publish them across multiple platforms. We can even stream those reviews on your website.

You’re probably wondering how we do that, correct?

We Get Reviews By…

Our process is pretty straightforward. Our team uses software that pushes out review requests to your customers via text, email, QR codes and more!

Once your customer gets a review request, they click the link and are directed to your personalized review landing page. And, because we always go the extra mile for our clients we brand this with your logo and information.

If they’re ready to leave a positive review (we’re certain they are) then they will be asked what platform they wish to leave a review on. After the review has been given, our software can push it to a variety of platforms including a feed on your website!

The bottom line? We will do whatever it takes to tell the world just how awesome your business is.

Common Questions about Reputation Management

Everyone asks us this question. While we cannot stop people from saying negative things about you, when the reviews are collected on our review generation platforms there are safeguards to prevent these reviews from being blasted on multiple platforms.

If a user responds to the review prompt with a less-than-positive review (think three stars or less) then they will be asked to explain their feedback and describe why they did not have a positive interaction with your company. This feedback will be sent to you directly giving you a chance to respond privately.

Reputation management is very important in digital marketing. The algorithms that decide how to rank a website, ad, or post are both negatively and positively influenced by reviews. The better your reputation is online, the more likely you are to reach your ideal customer or client.

Yes. As mentioned above your online reputation influences how well your website ranks on search engines. Reviews, specifically positive reviews, impact your website’s know, like, and trust factor. Basically, positive reviews tell Google that your site is credible and they should rank it higher in organic search results.

Likewise, your online reputation and reviews impact your local SEO. Reviews, especially positive reviews, impact how you show up in the map or local pack results.

Similarly to SEO, positive reviews communicate trustworthiness and popularity. The algorithms will take note and they will display your content more often helping you reach consumers.

Our best tip for managing your online reputation is to always ask for reviews. Do it so much that it becomes second nature.

Our review generation platform makes this very easy. It will solicit reviews from your consumers so you don’t have to and publish them for you.

Our second tip is always respond to reviews, both positive and negative. This is especially important on Google. So, respond and show your customers or clients that you care about their business!

Contact RSM for Online Reputation Management Services Today

You’re a busy business owner, you have more important things to worry about then generating reviews. So let your outsourced marketing team at RSM do it for you!

We make reputation management and review generation as easy as possible so you can get back to growing your business.

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