RSM Marketing

Social Media Management

We’re a social media agency with the vision, capabilities, and resources to bring your business results. 

Successful social media management starts with strategy.

We work with clients to understand their goals and challenges so we can develop a social media strategy that supports their business growth. Though social strategies vary from client to client, all clients can expect a streamlined, turnkey process and measurable results. Our social media services include—

  1. A Dedicated Manager & Point-of-Contact
  2. Social Media Strategy Development
  3. Content Research
  4. Copywriting & Content Development
  5. Graphic Design & Photo Editing
  6. Social Engagement
  7. Advertising Campaign Management
  8. On-going Campaign Analysis
  9. Live Reporting Dashboard for Clients
  10. Monthly Client / Manager Discussions

Our Social Media Approach

Social media isn’t an island, it’s the mainland.

And for some businesses, social media marketing is the full extent of their marketing and their marketing budget. We recognize social media as the paid marketing platform it’s become for businesses. We’re always accessing how we can get the right audience to see our client’s content and what kind of targeting and budget are needed to do so.

With a constantly evolving landscape, social media’s biggest players—like Facebook and Instagram—are known to make changes that significantly affect the way businesses operate and advertise on their platforms. Our team stays on top of new developments and quickly makes adjustments to optimize our clients’ campaigns when these changes occur.

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