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What Successful Sites Do Better Than Others


Many small business owners assume a great site starts and ends with great content. They would be wrong and their analytics prove it. Successful sites are all about consumption. A great site has been designed with the purpose to create the perfect environment for content consumption.

So what are the elements of a successful site design?

  1. Beauty. Beauty draws people in and creates curiosity.
  2. Approachability. Simple navigation and effective use of whitespace encourage effortless interaction.
  3. Value. Your content/product/service must provide value sufficient for a connection.

These three elements, thoughtfully applied, will produce a killer site and start building your brand within minutes.

What Poor Execution Means for Your Brand

I see great content (or services, products, or information) all the time, poorly executed online. Highly successful execution requires deliberate action, good timing, and killer presentation. Think for a moment about a spa. The steam and the herbal treatments are the essential ingredients, but they will never work if they are not presented in a peaceful, relaxing, healthful environment that is free from distraction. The spa environment (beauty) encourages the consumption of the steam treatment (approachability) which leaves you cleaner, detoxified and energized (value).

Branding occurs when another appointment is made. Remarkable branding occurs when they tell a friend about it. Is the experience of coming to your site remarkable? Looking at your site; what elements are doing their job and which require tuning? Is your Brand lifted or tarnished by your site? Are you using effective blogging strategies to deliver great content?

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