Welcome to another episode of the RSM Marketing podcast, I’m your host, Ryan club, and today we’re talking to you Scott, Shaper, the president of the KC market and Ashley Robinson the social media team lead on tips for finding a digital marketing company, that’s right for your business. Let’s listen it welcome Ashley and Scott, thank you for joining us today today. We’re gonna talk about something that is a huge hot topic I feel like in the industry, and that is digital marketing, so we’re gonna cover how we can help clients and potential clients find the right agency for them when they’re looking for a digital marketing agency.

So, let’s kick it off with talking about our team.

Got… You’re the president of the team newly-named lead generation and Ashley as the lead of the social media team. I know that you’re a big asset on the team as well, so let’s talk a little bit about what the team does and what are the capabilities, it… Yeah, so thanks for having me.

So the Legion team at RM really consists of what we used to call the brand engagement team, which was something that we did and we decided to focus on what we bring as a result of all those efforts. So all the capabilities, start with search PPC social media, any kind of digital ad or pay-per-impression? And then a content marketing so that could be blogging or service content or content in any digital platform.

His “altay gen departments. I catch everything as…

Yeah, I think you got it all.

So, what kind of clients do we work with and what kind of work we do, for them?

Yeah, so frequently clients will come to us with one or two particular needs and so I think traditionally they come with something that they’re really hurting with and that could be just generating additional sales on their website, so sometimes they feel like their website needs attention, sometimes they want an ad campaign, because something happened, they got a cut on in male one of their colleges told them about something and they don’t know where to get started. Because there’s a lot you can do, and so they wanna do the right thing, with their dollars, and so they’ll come to us with questions, and then we’ll go from there, and so it could be a full-envelop Al services. Sometimes it’s just, we need help with our social for example, we can jump in and just do that.

And I think it’s smart. I know the transition to repositioning the team, to lead gen is a recent one. I think it’s a smart one because, like you mentioned clients are focused on that end goal.

I want more of this, I want where that… I think we’re beyond that period of time when people were saying, “Oh what social… I just need help getting stuff on my page and now it’s like, Okay, social is a place where I can see business happening and they want leads and they need to see a certain amount of sales increase in… So it sounds like clients nowadays are coming to us probably with the specific goal in mind right of what they want.

Well, in, in especially with social you hit it right there because clients will come to us with sales goals or with different metrics or engagement goals on social media and it really is leveraging those new tools such as straight booking online with one click buttons to where you could book a consultation, or an oil change, etcetera. Just through a Facebook page.

And so it’s not so much just getting the content out there, like you said, but it’s also leveraging that content to collect leads collect sales big e-commerce platforms are really utilizing social media, where consumers are already scrolling and looking for content and then they come across an ad or they come across something that fits their need set, or their wants and then they click and then they get it.

And more than anything in the digital space, we are all consumers of it, day in, day out, and I’m sure clients come to us and say, I, I saw this or I wanna do this. And so, there’s probably just a ton of stuff. When we are talking to potential client or onboarding someone they’re already probably bringing ideas to the table of campaigns they wanna try.

Is that true, do you find that?

I would say so, yeah. And our team internally, we do a lot of research too, to see different market trends, or different video tricks and tips that we can use.

And so we kinda asked the client you what are some of your options that you’re looking for, what are some of your ideas and let’s collaborate together with some of the industry knowledge and expertise that we bring to the table as well.

So in my mind I always kind of buck at digital and I think our team does as well. We’ve got PPC we’ve got search, we’ve got social and we all know Google is a huge mammoth in the digital space, and here an RSM. We’ve been a Google partner for a long period of time, and one of the only certified Google partners in the region for those who aren’t familiar with what it means to be a partner. So can you explain what that Google partnership means? And the tails for us, as an agency yeah, a Google partnership allows us to have a little bit more in-depth in contact with Google on behalf of our clients and the requirements to become such a partner are fairly stringent. There’s gotta be a certain number of Google-certified service individuals inside the firm and that could be a long a number of different kind of use channels, so with PPC or SEO, some very technical kind of alignments knowledge-wise are required, but once you become a partner, you get account management and you get a certain kind of amount of audience with Google internally.

So it really gives us a leg up because we can reach right out to our Google kind of rep and ask him questions on our clients behalf.

Help us, fix problems.

There’s a lot of search problems that happen.

We’re able to intervene much more quickly than say another firm that can just be a… Maybe open a ticket or just research… Research, research, we have a little bit more access, which gives us a leg up, I think.

Right, right, that’s huge. And I think everyone knows how big Google is. So the fact that we’ve kind of got that year in that back door, makes us a great partner that way. What would you say, looking looking at Google specifically, What are clients looking for with whatever goals they may have what are they wanting to achieve with Google, whether that be an optimized Google My Business page search campaigns, what do you see?

Yeah, a good question, Google is so big. And so, it penetrates so much of the digital space for a particular client, but I’ve had clients say so many as for so many things like I see our competitors show up when I type in this. Can we get there to or how did they get reviews in terms of those star ratings? Right on the search page, we don’t have that. And so, like I said, we’re consumers of the digital space ourselves, so clients come out to us with those ideas, or those needs, they’re looking for engagements across right on the search page, they would like as a teenage my business. The map listings corrected perfectly accurate. They noticed when they speak of into their phones, their service near me, they wanna hear their result come up, so I think they’re realizing that their consumers, their customers, their prospects or the general market is doing those very same things that they do every day, and they wanna be a part of it. And so that’s where the phone rings or we get emails with those questions.

Eat right. So looking at Google and the other services that we provide on the digital scape how can we advise people who are looking for a digital partner? What tips would you both have for someone who’s trying to find the right partner? ’cause I know a lot of times when we get someone that we’re talking to as a potential client, we wanna make sure we’re the right fit for them as well, so how can we help guide people who are trying to find a good digital partner?

I would say in one of the biggest things when a company is looking for a partner, is that to remember it is a true partnership. So we work in conjunction with each other, we have common goals, we communicate regularly and that’s the difference between what I’ve seen at other experiences in ARs and marketing, is that the teams here truly care about the clients and we are in for their best interest, and their best needs. And so when a client or a company is looking for someone to partner with, do they wanna find someone where they won’t get that personalized attention, or where they might feel like just a number or just an e-their client, or do they wanna find someone that they can build a long-lasting relationship with for years and be able to go back and say, “Oh when we did this three years ago, this was our results. And you guys are still there with us, and so you’ve grown with us the whole time.

That’s one of the biggest tips I would give any business out there is when you’re looking, when you speak with those representatives from the businesses that you’re potentially thinking to partner with really kind of gauge is this someone that we’re gonna have a true partnership with, and we feel like a team rather than we feel like we’re directing them or they’re directing us in different directions.

So more than a vendor.

The Stephen R, right? And there are so many I feel like, especially in the digital space, freelancers out there, and I don’t know why I put co-marks around that, that they are real answers. You can’t see that in the podcast recording.

But the difference, probably between working with a freelancer and RSM is like you mentioned before, at least with Google, we’ve got a solid relationship with them, we’ve got a big team, we have 40 specialists, here in the digital team, especially it is very well-versed and different platforms. How would you say, or if people who are considering a digital agency, let’s be real. They’re probably also considering a freelancer here, a freelance are there, how can they best make that decision, what’s what do we bring? The freelancer may not bring or maybe a freelance or may bring something that we don’t.

I like to offer. There’s a cohesion of our personnel here we have so many experts that are very good at providing in their area, so great content providers are going to pass their content over to the social team, so because you really wanna reinforce on as many channels as possible a particular message for a client and I you get a cohesiveness from a kind of on one particular idea or one particular client message you get a cohesion between what shows up and search what shows up in blog what shows up an email, what social shows up in social in that level of integration, you’re not gonna get with a freelancer, a free Lancer is kind of be an expert in one or two things, but not an expert in six or A… And that is, there’s nothing against them, they’re obviously really needed and provide a great service but when it comes to that full basket of services, they’re not gonna be able to compete in that way.

Right, right, and I think that’s a great way to position it is thinking about find the client. What am I looking for? Because some clients do want to, maybe they want to manage at all, or maybe there’s a piece that they just want to kick off. And I think actually what you said is a great tip for clients to remember too is do I wanna partner do I want to kick off this one piece of my business or do I really want someone who’s gonna talk to me about, what does this look like from, you know, 10-000 feet above and you know what you said. So, the integration factor, right? So I kinda… When I think about arm, it’s almost like a nice little assembly line, right?

It starts here starts with copy then it starts with this and then it does make its way to a team who knows how to set up the ads who knows how to optimize them. And if we could talk, maybe just a little bit about the process or… So let’s say I’m a new client and I get onboarded what is that gonna look like after we sign a contract?

Yeah, so once, let’s say, we inherit a website that is already looking really good and so we’re gonna take that and begin applying the brand engagement tools that we have to create more leads.

So there’s an ideation that happens with the client and this is an ongoing process but let’s say from a logging perspective, we can create three or four different blog concepts draw them out into a larger position on the web, on the client domain, and then deliver those to the social team for them to tease out or an idea on a smaller Linked In piece or link back to the blog and then follow those up with social items so that when somebody interacts with a brand on a social platform, and then they end up on that person’s website sometime in the future. There’s a familiarity of brand, there’s a familiarity of voice and concept already there.

And also I would say when we’re first gen, I started with the client, we really focus on what their goals are, or what that piece is. So Scott said… Maybe their website is great already, and we’re gonna start from that base and go on to other components. Maybe they don’t have a website. So we start with what are the search terms that people are gonna be searching for and let’s put those on your website through copy, let’s get some great graphical images have our team work on those, and those all correlate with the social and with the digital presence and ads because you have to have a set BRAND set of colors, and fun and all those different things that correlate with the tone and the voice and the messaging and that’s what RSM can really bring to you because we have those teams internally who work together, who create those brand sets together. Maybe you have one already and we’re gonna amp it up.

And so that’s a really big component of where we start off with. We say, “Here’s our 30-day outlook, what do we wanna accomplish in these First 30 days?

What’s our biggest goal, what’s our WIN, What’s our success and then let’s look what that looks like in 60 days, and 90 days. Let’s make benchmarks and work with one team at a time, or have multiple teams correlating because there’s a lot of moving pieces and you cannot and shouldn’t do them all at once. You should pick the most importance to set up that base factor for success and then move forward with that outward messaging, the ads, the social pieces, the content that gets posted for the consumers, after all that background work has been completed and it’s ready to go for the consumer’s eyes.

I love that. So I think that’s a good thing for people listening to this to remember is we’re gonna start by asking the question, “What’s your role?

And maybe they don’t know, and we can help them figure that out as well, and no matter what we set up or structure for them I think it’s also good to mention that we can build out a scope of work that fits into our outsource marketing department, which I know that your team sometimes maybe has a relationship with a client who all they do with us is digital.

Can we talk a bit for a second, about how, what the lead gen team does fits into our outsource marketing department?

Yeah, so I think the space marketing department gives us the ability to offer so many different, so many different personalities in terms of all marketing disciplines, where digital fits into that mix really well. The client then has the flexibility to kind of treat us like ask us for anything and we can figure out how to get that done within the same budget every month or every quarter or whatever. It’s part of the… It’s part of the philosophy of… We wanna meet you where you are.

And so the budget really comes down to How can we use that budget to achieve your goals and that really is a discovery process up front, and every budget is different.

I we have so many options in the old model, to a craft a strategy that is budget-friendly with larger budgets medium-sized budgets, or budgets that fluctuate based on client seasonality and it’s just about a learning process that goes with every single engagement that I think makes us unique in that way.

Yup, it’s not flat monthly fee, but that monthly fee could could change great and that’s good for clients to know. I’ve been on the other side of not working an agency and being the client and wondering what “Canty affords I work with someone who specializes in search, correct? And I think over the years I learned that that we’re willing to like you guys said me, people where they’re at as we wind down here, especially since I have two experts in the room, I’d love to talk about the opportunities with digital. What are those opportunities lingering out there, whether it be Facebook or Google, and how can we help clients capitalize on them?

I would say one of the biggest opportunities for clients, especially in the e-commerce section is gonna be that one click online purchasing, having that complete brand set online using Instagram ads, Instagram Shop Facebook shops, a book. Now button on Facebook where you can have an instant calendar invite and reminders set up. A lot of companies are not on the leading edge of those tools, but that’s why we have a team here who researches and who watches those different tips and tricks that come out in the market place, we see what’s working for others, we see how it could be improved for others, maybe they’re trying to do it and we can find a better way to accomplish those goals. And so I would say some of those leading factors is really just watching how social is changing the way that consumers purchase products, it’s also changing the way how consumers use mobile devices more than computers. Is your website mobile optimized, how do your ads look on mobile? Is the text gonna be intriguing? And so those are a lot of things that our team brings to the table in some of those new trends is watching for those and being able to set those up when a client comes and says, “Hey I’ve seen this or I’ve heard about this. Have you guys worked with that? And more than likely we have…

I would say that trend for businesses coming up or right now should be the ability strategically to know where your dollars being spent and is that the most optimized way to spend that? How can I utilize these dollars better?

There is so much data when it comes to digital, that it just should not be acceptable to any business to hear something like, Yes, this is a branding, it’s not really an ROI type strategy because every dollar should be really the service provider should be able should be just such a good steward of that money and so being able to prove out how those dollars are coming back to you and the ability to measure and adjust on a monthly or a quarterly basis, is really critical in the consumers in terms of our clients businesses are demanding that ROI equation and they’re asking those questions a lot more now, and I think that that’s just going to get more and more like part of the Client vernacular is How do I see this money coming back to our business and can we optimize that in the other way? Yeah, what’s that arise you… Yeah, that makes sense. So any challenges that are coming up or that we’re dealing with now, that we help clients see their way through on the search side of Google is just this summer. Had a massive update. And so the fact that we can pay attention to those who prepare our client data reporting, so that they know that there could be a dip in search results, and here’s why.

So paying attention to why Google is doing the things they are in this particular instance, they went after a swath of industries that when a consumer acted upon these search results, they could stand to spend a lot of money and so think of furniture results gambling healthcare, these are items that consumers can part ways with a lot of money, and so Google is taking that responsibility very seriously, because they’re cueing up what they see as “Hey our top 10 search results should be the best for the consumer, and so they’re really using content and user intent to determine… We don’t wanna lead our customers astray. So Google has shifted the way it does those searches, and so it’s really important if our clients fall into one of those industries, that they know that we’re ready with them when that update happens.

Right? Right, and I think that’s gonna be the case, whether it’s tomorrow or five years. So, we know Google is always changing, we know Facebook’s always changing, and they don’t send out a pretty little email telling everyone exactly what’s gonna happen. And often times I… It’s Ashley and it’s your team in the trenches. Like, okay, things are changing.

We need to let our clients know how to handle that. And even with everything Google, I know we talked as an agency, a few weeks ago about how Gold doesn’t want people to go to the website. They want them to stay right there. And that’s why it’s important to think about what people are seeing when they search for you. And I think it’s good to know that our team is continually being students of the digital space and what’s happening there.

And I think the main takeaway from today’s conversation in terms of tips for clients, trying to find our marketing agency and you guys let me know if you’re hearing this differently, but is for people to think about, do I wanna partner I wanna end or do I want to learn, where do I want to lead because some clients, they do wanna own that and maybe we would not be the best partner for them because we’re gonna be hands-on deck with that strategy and the new things that they can take advantage of, they need to think about is their potential vendor going to ask about their goals because that’s important if you’re talking to someone who’s not asking about your goals, I’d say that’s probably a red flag, right?

And then lastly, thinking about that ROI, even if it’s branding, we still need to coming back to what’s the return. Maybe it’s not a monetary return but there always has to be a return.

So anything else before we close this down, that you would encourage people to think about when looking at different digital vendors, or partners?

I would just challenge each one of you listening today, to find maybe three different firms that do something similar to what we do kinda look through some of their testimonials, look through, why people chose them and see if that aligns with why you would wanna choose them as well, we have a lot of great client feedback to where if something worked or something didn’t work, we can work one-on-one with that person to say, Okay, well, what can we do to make it better or… Thank you, we’re really glad to hear about your experience. And so that would be my number one challenge for all of you listening, is to go and look for yourself, and seeing if you can find that kind of connection, and if not, definitely give us a call.

So you enter it gets… Yeah, I-E, I would say I’m really proud of our data what we’ve done for our clients. And I love showing it off.

So I would say, “Can you guys show me some success, not just in terms of imagery, and going just websites, but in terms of real hard data, we pay attention to every lead that comes in, we take every client reputation that we hold in our hands, we take that as a personal responsibility into your market. And so dig deep into asking data questions, and don’t… I wouldn’t settle for kind of surface answers show me some graphs show me what you’ve done in the last one year, three-year four months, whatever it is, for clients in our industry, those are really important questions that should be… They should have really ready, ready answers and stuff, to show.

And that’s not just because you’re from the show. Me State right correct.

Alright, well, Scott and Ashley, thank you guys so much, I appreciate it, and thank you to everyone listening.

Thanks for listening to another episode of The ran marketing podcast. If you have questions or comments or ideas for future topics, just go to RSM, connect dot com and fill out the contact for.

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