RSM Marketing

Managed Marketing Services

Do you have the vision and plan, but need help implementing it? 

Whether you’re a one-man-show or your marketing team needs support, our managed marketing services give you the manpower of an expert marketing team for a flat monthly rate. That’s value that no fly-by-night “internet marketing service” can offer.

With your direction, our team will manage on-going efforts, like social media management, search engine optimization, paid search campaigns, paid social campaigns, email campaigns and other digital marketing services.

How it works

  1. Tailored to your Goals & Budget

    Set a Monthly Subscription

    We help clients set a monthly subscription that works with their budget. The monthly subscription establishes a monthly hour bank for the work we do.

  2. Define What Works For You

    Develop a Scope of Work

    Your monthly subscription includes the service(s) of your choice. These services can vary from month to month within the scope of the subscription.

  3. Planning Leads to Success

    Get on a Schedule

    RSM will schedule bi-weekly or monthly “status meetings” to discuss expectations and upcoming needs.

Digital Marketing Services

Subscriptions may include any of the marketing services we offer.

  1. SEO
  2. Website Design
  3. Social Media Management
  4. PPC Management
  5. Video Production
  6. Reputation Management
  7. Graphic Design
  8. Copywriting
  9. Photography
  10. Online Marketing Services
  11. Campaign Management
  12. Campaign Reporting
  13. Custom Coding
  14. Text Message Marketing
  15. Media Planning & Buying
  16. Marketing Research
  17. Public Relations

What would Managed Marketing Services look like for your business? Find out.

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