Managed Marketing Services

Pick 1, 2 or 3+ and move forward!

When you don’t need the full outsourced marketing department package with an assigned marketing director, use managed marketing instead. Managed marketing means one service at a time. The client picks as many services as they need and RSM manages that service on a monthly basis.

Managed services include:

  • SEO (local, regional and national packages)
  • Social media campaigning (organic and paid)
  • Blogging and content creation
  • Web site maintenance (monthly updates)
  • Google Ads / Pay Per Click advertising
  • Public relations (media releases pitched or through news wire, influencer marketing)
  • Email marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Research
  • Video (shot or animated)
  • Product photography
  • Custom services

Managed Marketing Combo Pack



Social Media

Web Maintanance



Choose Any 3 Plus Get 2 Marteks.

$2,950 / mo

Get real-time results with our dashboard martek.

In-House vs. Outsourced Managed Marketing

Outsourced Marketing Clients use 11 Full-Time Equivalents on Average

Many clients are relying on a single In-House ‘Marketing Unicorn’ to handle everything, or they are searching to find and hire one of these rare creatures. (Unicorn = One person who is an expert in all types of marketing and can handle everything on their own.)


$5k / month

 Outsourced Marketing Team

$5k / month

A Managed Marketing Subscription rate is equal to the cost of a single FTE. With a Managed Marketing or OMD subscription, you’ll avoid the delays created by on-the-job learning, projects stacking up behind each other, vacations, sick days and recruiting. Even if you’ve already found your Marketing Unicorn, RSM can help by adding more marketing bandwidth to keep your marketing moving.

Outsourced Marketing:
The Better Option For Your Business?


How Outsourced Marketing Works

Until recently, businesses of all sizes could rely upon traditional advertising methods to reach their audiences, whether B2C or B2B. Tactics like Yellow Pages advertising, trade shows, trade advertising, mass media, direct mail and the like worked well enough. Not anymore. And that’s actually a very good thing.

Today, businesses find that 1) they can finely target their audiences online and 2) they can build real lead generation engines to produce real inbound leads and new sales from their marketing efforts.

There’s one little problem, though Online marketing has become a complex challenge typically involving 11 or 12 marketing skill sets. (See “What Skill Sets Does A Marketing Department Need” for more.) Do only the largest of businesses need these skills?


No. Any middle market company from any industry needs these marketing skills for optimal sales returns along new strategic axes in their business. The challenge then becomes how to afford this marketing infrastructure.

That’s where managed marketing comes in, either partially or completely. Companies with some marketing infrastructure have the option to round out the marketing capabilities they don’t have in house. There are some functions, such as Search Engine Optimization and even Social Media, that really do need an expert team. Other functions like Web Development and the science of Lead Generation also benefit from a real expert team that does this full time and brings deep capabilities that escape most in-house teams. Additional functions like public relations, video, product photography, marketing technologies, data science and research that are typically outsourced can now be had through one relationship.

Of course, for companies with no marketing infrastructure, the opportunity to outsource their marketing can mean the difference between achieving their business goals and potentially floundering around for years.

Managed marketing works like fractional ownership. Companies can get fractional ownership of a marketing team and a marketing director (what RSM refers to as an entire Outsourced Marketing Department) for a fraction of the cost, usually the equivalent of one FTE. Because this team fires on all marketing cylinders, companies using outsourced marketing move faster along more strategic fronts than those who don’t. It’s mathematical. And because an outsourced marketing team is comprised of experts at the top of their game, there’s much less marketing waste, meaning less wasted time, money and energies.

For companies inclined to “give outsourced marketing a try,” RSM makes it very simple. No long term contracts, no lag time between efforts and results, no extensive planning prior to execution. Most companies have some very low hanging opportunities that can make a near immediate difference in their sales.

As with many other outsourced business functions, marketing has become complex and difficult enough that utilizing an outsourced marketing team … just … works. For new and real business results, try and see the ROI for yourself.

RSM Marketing is one of the names spearheading this marketing revolution. Let us help you experience new marketing breakthroughs with our subscription services.

Managed Marketing vs. In-House Marketing

The RSM Marketing Approach to Outsourced Managed Marketing

Online growth, an increase in traffic, better ROI — these are just some of the goals we work toward with clients. Our primary objective is to help your business with improved business results. How we get there is unique for every client, but the ladder to success always starts with a managed marketing process that’s designed to finish multiple marketing tasks efficiently and immediately.

Step 1: Establish Monthly Subscription Budget
We provide an innovative Outsourced Marketing Department subscription model. Our flat-fee subscription gives you access to our large team of marketing professionals, without going over your budget, which can be tailored based upon your stragetgy.
Step 2: Establish Business Objectives and GO!
What do you want to see? More leads? More traffic? Better consumer engagement?

Your new, outsourced marketing team gets to know your business while knocking out the simple tasks that you’ve had to put on the back-burner.

Step 3: Organize and Communicate
You’ll “meet” with your marketing team weekly or bi-weekly. These deliberate, reoccurring meetings allow schedules, plans, budgets, and work to be passed back and forth between your team and ours.
Step 4: Data, Dashboards, Analysis
Data reigns. Clients receive a real-time dashboard consolidating all online activities. Our team analyzes the results and continually optimizes for more, and better, metrics.

Why does a company need managed marketing?

There are many crucial marketing activities that must be done. They’re not optional. It’s like the Yellow Pages in the old days. You just need it.

The threat to companies:

1) not doing these core marketing activities or

2) doing them poorly.

Few internal resources can methodically execute broad marketing with the daily, weekly and monthly discipline required, with the expertise required, and certainly with the team advantage when it comes to reporting, analysis and evaluation.

Marketing activities that should probably be outsourced, especially if your company is regional or national in scope and have more than one target audience and product/service:


  • Outsourced SEO
  • Outsourced social media ad campaign management
  • Outsourced Google ad management / PPC with landing pages and heat mapping analysis
  • Outsourced blogging and content development targeting long-tail searches

Instant Access to Powerful Marketing

RSM Marketing’s managed marketing services include the following:

Proven Marketing System

We implement marketing systems that not only convey the right message to your target audience but ensure maximum engagement through action and measurement. Our process is consultative, which makes it completely customizable to your business’ needs.

Lead generation and conversion

We generate leads through compelling and personalized content. We use special tools like lead magnets, configurators and “conquest” tactics. As soon as the leads come in, we manage them and turn them into ROIs for you.

Tracking and Reporting

We track the progress of your campaign by monitoring key performance indicators (KPI), and we use an integrated real-time dashboard, that you also see and use, to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Our team will keep you up-to-date.

Why RSM Marketing Is Your Best Choice


Passion and Innovation

We never get tired of learning new things— algorithm changes, social media’s changing role, new website updates, and more.


A great benefit of outsourcing your marketing, all or some, is the continuity from an established firm like RSM. Many of our long-term clients found RSM because of employee and freelance support turnover.


RSM offers midwestern price value and work ethics. This means clients, especially those on the coasts, receive “more for less.” This is kind of the point with RSM’s outsourced marketing model.

There is always a better way to market your business.

Let RSM Marketing show you the way.
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