Managed Marketing Services

for Easier and More Successful Advertising

RSM Marketing’s fully managed marketing services provide everything you need to analyze, create, implement, and maintain your marketing plan.

Think of it this way, we give you an entire marketing team, fully formed and equipped to help you succeed. This team will expand your organization’s advertising efforts while ensuring business continuity.

Managed Marketing Services (MMS) utilize technology and the skills of an expert team to develop and manage the numerous elements of a successful marketing plan. It is also a cost-effective solution for businesses that want the benefit of onsite marketers without having to pay for a full-time in-house marketing employee.

A Better Alternative to In-House Marketing?

One of the biggest advantages of using a managed marketing model is that your money goes to efforts that solve a problem. Instead of paying for wages and having more people to manage from an HR perspective, every dollar you invest goes into tasks that create value for your business.

Hiring an in-house marketing manager might be ideal for some companies, but consider this: your in-house manager might have a good skill set, but they have weaknesses in other areas.

Rather than hire one person to do the job, you’ll benefit from a team specially put together to avoid pitfalls.

A Managed Form of Brand Empowerment

Managed marketing is powerful since it encompasses different strategies. You gain more ways to reach more people and spread your company’s message further. All it takes is one outsourced marketing team to satisfy your goals in SEO, social media marketing, and web design.

We measure the results obtained from different strategies and analyze them. Our team makes tweaks to your current campaigns based on the information we gather.

Targeting plays a big role in our managed marketing services. It allows you to spend your budget reaching out to people who are interested in your business and generating more leads.

Instant Access to Powerful Marketing

RSM Marketing’s managed marketing services include the following:

Proven Marketing System

We implement marketing systems that not only convey the right message to your target audience but ensure maximum engagement through action and measurement. Our process is consultative, which makes it completely customizable to your business’ needs.

Strategic Planning

Strategy before tools and techniques — this is one of the rules we live by. We partner with you to answer the how, what, and why of your business. We use the information to create a relevant strategy that brings more traffic and sales your way.


We aim to provide the best technology to support your marketing goals. This includes SEO- and user-friendly websites, email marketing, blogs, analytics, social media, and reporting. We combine these tools to produce positive results and increase your company’s revenue.

Lead generation and conversion

We generate leads through compelling and personalized content. As soon as the leads come in, we manage them and turn them into ROIs for you.

Tracking and Reporting

We track the progress of your campaign by monitoring key performance indicators (KPI), and we use Google Analytics to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Our team will keep you up-to-date with our monthly campaign reports.

Why RSM Marketing Is Your Best Choice


Passion and Innovation

We never get tired of learning new things— algorithm changes, social media’s changing role, new website updates, and more.

Our clients are our  top priority. Your business deserves to stand out and we won’t stop until we help you beat the competition.


You won’t be passed around from one specialist to another at RSM Marketing. The team you meet at the beginning will be the people you’ll work with moving forward.

Subscription Marketing

We offer clients a flat subscription rate with access to a variety of marketing specialists. Our services also come with a no-term contract.

There is always a better way to market your business.

Let RSM Marketing show you the way.
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