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Quick & Dirty Blog Post Idea #4: Seasonal Hot Topics


Seasons come and go, but the inspiration that they provide for blog content is both reliable and endless. Spring will always give way to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter, and winter to spring. Likewise, your business varies throughout these seasons. With this quick and dirty blog post idea, we’ll take a look at seasonal hot topics and how coming up with blog content is as easy as looking at your calendar.

Looking to the Months Ahead

You know your business best. Obviously, certain times of the year affect your business differently than others. So look to the months ahead and the seasonal business that affects them. What content can you create that addresses that seasonal business?

What customer questions do you typically field the most during certain months? What pain points do they express in specific seasons? Analyze your business year and the consumer habits that occur throughout certain seasons/times of the year. This should make it relatively easy for you to come up with blog content that directly serves the needs of the consumer, simply because they are preparing themselves for those seasons as well. This includes holidays, too!

Examples of Seasonal Hot Topics

Even though it’s currently only January, the plastic surgeon knows that women will be looking for ways to get ready for swimsuit season in March and April. He plans to focus his efforts on producing content about liposuction, body contouring, spider vein removal, and skin rejuvenation treatments in the spring and early summer months.

The travel agent notices that most travelers start planning their vacations for the upcoming year in the winter. She amps up her content production during this time by offering travel advice that coincides with New Year’s resolutions, her predictions for travel industry trends for the upcoming year, and even winter travel destinations.

The roof builder knows that roofing is most affected by fall and winter weather, which leads to costly repairs in the spring. In the fall, they give advice on their blog on how a homeowner can efficiently prepare their homes for the winter (cleaning leaves out of the gutters, performing an inspection of the roof, etc.).

Start Planning!

Just as you prepare your business for specific seasons, treat your content the same way! Bolstering your content really is as simple as looking at the year ahead and planning your content accordingly. Look to the seasons, my friends- they will provide you with all the inspiration you need to craft reliably awesome content for your blog.

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