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Myth: No One is Reading My Blog


Is anyone actually reading my blog? This is a question we get from clients ALL the time. This question has spawned a persistent myth among business owners (who are generally skeptical of a blog strategy in the first place) that no one actually reads their blogs. If the myth is actually fact, then the logical response would be, “Why bother with blogging?” It’s understandable that you’d be wary of something that isn’t giving you immediate results. But it’s flat-out make-believe that no one is reading your blog.

So Who’s Reading It?

Do I know who’s reading your blog right this very second? Unfortunately, not! There are ways for you to find out who exactly is reading your blog. You can buy software and keep track of that sort of thing. But if you’re doing everything correctly – cross linking, using the right keywords in a strategic way, adding alt-tags to images, adding meta descriptions, sharing on social media, etc., etc. – then you’ve done everything that you can to make sure that search engines see it and perceive it to be trustworthy and valuable. Which brings me to my next point:

Treat any and everyone who might read your blog as your next big client.

This means writing good, quality blog content on a consistent basis to make sure you intrigue and engage anyone who might find it.

Google is Always Reading Your Content

When all else fails, you know who IS reading your blog? Google. And when you optimize for people first, then Google will take notice of this. It’ll start to see your blog as a source of expert, authoritative information that people will actually use. So even in those times of uncertainty as to whether or not your blogging efforts are working, remember that Google, at the very least, is keeping an eye on it. Before you know it, you’ll start seeing results.

Why? Because Blogging Requires Long-Term Effort

Blogging is a long-term strategy. Building up your content and your audience takes time, plain and simple. If you just started blogging a month ago, you can’t expect to have amazing returns right away. But, with consistent effort, one day, it’ll all change. We see this over and over again with our clients. They blog over a period of time until suddenly – BOOM. Their search rankings improve and they get a steady stream of leads. Plus, that content continues to works for you, even after you’ve stopped blogging. But it does take time.

I liken blogging for your business like trying to get fit. You have to put in the painstaking effort it requires to see results. You can’t just go to the gym once every two months and expect that 6-pack to appear or those last 10 lbs to melt off. But if you change your eating habits and hit the gym multiple times a week, gradually you’ll notice a change in your body. And seeing those initial results is motivating enough to keep going until you get the ultimate results you want.

Are You Doing Everything You Can?

If you have a blog and you’re dissatisfied with the results you’ve been getting, it’s time to look critically at your efforts. How often are you posting? Is your content as unique or effective as it could be? Are you using the right keywords? What are your competitors doing that you could be doing differently? Here are a few things you can do to make sure more people are reading your blog:

  • Keep developing and posting awesome content on a regular basis
  • Make sure your posts are optimized for search results (linking to relevant articles within your site, adding meta tags and descriptions, etc.)
  • Share on social media
  • Promote through email marketing campaigns

Closing Thoughts

It’s a myth that no one is reading your blog. Google is always crawling the web for great content, so keep producing it on your site. Through a consistent, long-term effort, Google will reward you for doing everything right and deliver your content to the people who are looking for what you have to offer.

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