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Why Video Content Marketing Is ESSENTIAL


Video content marketing is the creation, production, and sharing of relevant video content that provides valuable information to your target audience and generates interest in your company’s products or services. Videos and other forms of content are the best way to build your brand on the internet.

Video content is typically published on YouTube or a social network, but it can also take the form of webinars, online courses, live videos, or self-hosted videos. You can use it to increase your social media engagement, educate your audience, and broaden your reach.

Essentially, video content marketing seeks to create value in an easy-to-understand format that attracts viewers and converts them into customers. One of the best things about video content is that it is becoming increasingly simple to implement. Because of the number of options available, video content offers something beneficial for every business, regardless of size or industry.

When implemented correctly, video content marketing can be an effective way for a brand to reach its target audience in an easily accessible format.

7 Reasons Why Video Content Marketing Is Crucial

The rise of video content has transformed the way businesses communicate with their audience. Although video content is far from a new idea, what has changed is how important videos have become to customer outreach for both small and large businesses alike.

As a result, to prevent your business from falling behind, developing a content marketing strategy that includes video is crucial to strengthening impressions, converting leads, and the overall success of your brand.

Video content is taking over the marketing scene, and it’s never too late to get in on the action. Here are seven reasons why video content marketing is more important than ever.

1. Video Content Is a Great Way to Explain Your Products and Services

Marketing is built on relationships and trust. When you establish a strong relationship with your customers, you can rely on them to spread the word about your company and its products.

Video content is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to helping potential buyers learn about a product. According to HubSpot, roughly 94% of digital marketing agencies say video content has helped increase user understanding of a particular product or service.

Customers buy products when they understand what the product does and how it will help them. As a result, it’s no surprise that video content is such a great tool, as the visual element helps businesses clearly explain how their products or services work.

The options for video content are also endless. Video content marketing can create a more complete, personalized customer experience from onboarding, knowledge-based videos, meet-the-team videos, and customer testimonials.

2. Video Content Can Be Used in a Variety of Ways

According to Animoto, 93% of businesses gained new customers from video content. With roughly 244.4 million digital video viewers in the US, the possibilities with video content are virtually endless.

Man-recording-video-on-city-blockMarketers have a plethora of options for utilizing video content. This means it’s simple to find a method that aligns with your company’s marketing objectives. While YouTube is the obvious place to start when making videos, there are several other options.

Most social media platforms allow users to post stories that disappear after a certain amount of time. These are great because they can be used as quick and easy ways to create and speak directly to your target audience.

Additionally, live video has grown in recent years, with many online platforms offering ways for businesses to stream live content. Webinars are another great way to use video to interact directly with your potential customers, answer specific questions, or teach the audience something about your industry, thereby establishing yourself as an authority.

3. Video Content Improves Your Website’s SEO

Given the growing popularity of video content, it should come as no surprise that its market share in internet traffic has also increased. As a result, uploading videos that target common search terms can be a great way to rank highly on Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

Video content hasn’t only transformed how businesses market and consumers shop, but it’s also revolutionized how businesses connect with visitors and how service teams support customers. Websites see an increase in search engine rankings when they use video content because it increases your page quality and the amount of time visitors spend on your webpage.

Search engines use various ranking factors to determine a web page’s visibility online. If users spend a long time on your website, it indicates that they consumed your content. As video content encourages viewers to spend more time on your website, this will show search engines that your website contains quality and engaging content.

According to Forrester Research, optimized video content increases the chances of your content ranking on the first page of Google search engine results by nearly 53 times. As a result, taking the time to ensure that your video content is optimized can bring a significant amount of organic traffic to your site, increasing your SERP rankings and gaining views in the process.

Optimized video content increases the chances of your content ranking on the first page of Google search engine results by nearly 53 times.

4. Video Content Can Increase Conversion Rates

According to a recent study by Limecube, adding video content to your product or service pages can increase purchases by 144%. This means that, when users have an opportunity to see products being used through videos, there’s a higher chance that they will actually buy them.

Videos are great when it comes to attracting a new customer base. Not only can you use the professional videos that you’ve created to advertise through multiple social media platforms, but new targeting features allow you to reach different audiences through paid advertisements that enable you to control your budget and make sure your videos are only shown to specifically targeted audiences.

For example, a quick “explainer” video is a great way to show your customers what your product is all about and teach them about your services, doing so in an eye-catching and entertaining way. This content is not only engaging for customers, but by including them on your company’s webpages, you can increase conversions and drive sales more than you’d ever expect.

5. Consumers Love Seeing Video Content

Whether it’s on blog posts, websites, or social media platforms, users are not only seeing an increasing amount of video content on every platform, but they are also expecting more video content. Though analysts say the youngest and oldest age groups primarily drive the growth surge in video content, the latest data still shows that video content is a consumers’ favorite type of content to see from a brand.

It’s no secret that internet users are watching more and more video content. Just as technology has made it simple for businesses to record video, it has also made it extremely simple for people to view video content. With video content accessible virtually anywhere and appealing to all types of potential customers, it has become a vital marketing tool for reaching a large client base.

6. Video Content Builds Trust with Customers

According to HubSpot, 54% of consumers want to watch more video content from a business or brand they support. Not only is the demand for video content increasing, but customers are using video content to connect with companies from which they purchase goods or services.

Why video content marketing is essential - - shot of a young businessman showing thumbs up while using a laptop at picture id1344874415Staying ahead of the competition in a highly saturated market is no easy task for any business. Even with paid advertisements across various platforms, businesses of all sizes often struggle to stand out from their competitors. While multiple platforms can get your advertisements to appear on the news feeds of your target audience, they can’t guarantee that people will look or pay attention to your ads. Luckily, the highly engaging nature of videos can change that.

Putting a face on your brand can make your business feel more relatable, authentic, and trustworthy in the eyes of your consumers. They’ll not only feel a deeper connection with your brand, but they’ll be more likely to recommend your products or services to others.

Well-tailored video content can drive engagement and communication with your audience, giving your brand an aspect of reliability, trust, and honesty: values that are important to consumers looking to connect with a business. Furthermore, video content will grab the attention of prospective customers, make them stop scrolling for a brief moment, and potentially convert them into paying customers.

In an ever-changing business landscape, trust is an essential asset for your brand. By leveraging quality video content, you can build a trusting relationship between you and your customers and foster stronger relationships with your target audience.

7. Video Content Is Widely Accessible

In the world of digital media, there are so many demands for our attention. We are constantly bombarded with content and images from the likes of social media. Video content, however, stands above other forms of content in terms of the accessibility it offers users.

Compelling video content eliminates jargon and technical communication challenges to clearly communicate information. Businesses can use images, text, music, and other media to tell the stories they want to tell and share the information they need to ensure customer success.

Accessible video content is an important aspect of content marketing that you should not overlook in your own endeavors. Because video content is so popular, it is now easier than ever to find digital marketing agencies that can assist you in creating cutting-edge, high-quality content.

Take Your Video Content to the Next Level with RSM Marketing

With so much content to compete with, it’s crucial that your content is optimized to its full potential to reach customers and capture their attention. When done correctly, video content can give you a decisive lead over your competition by advertising your brand, increasing customer engagement, or expanding your reach on social media.

If you want to succeed in this era of digital marketing, RSM Marketing can help. We are a team of hard-working, passionate experts who think like entrepreneurs and thrive when working with like-minded businesses that want to put plans into action.

We proudly serve more than 500 companies across the country and leverage our tools, technology, and expertise to provide our clients with a full suite of digital marketing services, including video production, social media marketing, blogging, and more! Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help switch your business into growth-mode.

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